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Sargsyan revealed secret of Pashinyan's surrender to Azerbaijan (Our afterword)



The third President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan gave an interview to the ArmNews TV channel, which immediately after the release became an information bomb that provoked a loud political scandal throughout the region. Thanks to the major politician who answered the questions, now it will take a long time for Yerevan and the local political elites to clean up.

To be honest, all politicians sometimes lie. But now we have learned that representatives of the Armenian establishment, in particular Serzh Sargsyan, always lie. We also learned that under the guns of TV cameras, in the light of spotlights and live broadcasts, denouncing political opponents, settling petty scores, they fall into a state of a grouse at the courtship display, and blurt out their most shameful secrets and the secrets of their elites.

Lots of lies in 90 minutes

During an hour and a half of the interview, 90 minutes, Sargsyan lied 34 times only in factual matters. That is, one lie every three minutes: the density is prohibitive, worthy of the Guinness Book of Records and the corresponding Nobel money prize. Which the superpatriot Sargsyan, as a decent Armenian man, is simply obliged to give in favour of his, in his words, comrades in Yerevan - so many praises and excuses were given to them by the old commander of the Karabakh company. But about the army and military issues a little later. First, let's just go over some pearls that Sargsyan generously gave out. And let's start with the main thing, with the main external cause of the catastrophe that Armenia has fallen into: with Moscow's refusal to continue its comprehensive support of its thieving and skimpy partner - Yerevan.

In full accordance with the Armenian political tradition, Sargsyan brings everything down on Nikol Pashinyan: they say, he is the source of all the troubles, it was he who ruined relations with Moscow, before him smoothness and grace reigned in Russian-Armenian relations. He is lying. Lying like a rug. And right there, here it is, grouse courtship display.

According to informed sources of Azeri Daily in Moscow, in the autumn of 2017, Sargsyan, through his son-in-law, the ambassador to the Vatican, conducted separate negotiations with the European Union behind Moscow's back, without informing the Kremlin about the content of the negotiations, or their very fact. Our site wrote about this throughout the autumn of 2017.

And six months later, 'loyal ally' Sargsyan presented an unexpected surprise to the metropolis - a promising bilateral partnership with the West. Whom does Sargsyan call an ally to this day - Russia or the West?

Just think: Armenia is the kept woman of Russia. Moscow is the only guarantor of its integrity and some kind of existence as an imaginary state. Who, according to the conviction of the capitulator (as Sargsyan calls his successor), was not allowed to pull the trigger of the Iskander. But years later, during the outbreak of war.

And now the unstable and fragile power in the person of Sargsyan begins separate tricks behind the back of the benefactor. So what is the name of the country's leader who sanctioned this? Correct. Short and biting. How they write on the fence about politicians with reduced social responsibility.

Was it Pashinyan who was the founder of the anti-Russian course? No, Mr Sargsyan, lie in another salon. Double-dealing in relation to the only strategic ally of Armenia was formulated and laid down precisely under your government, with the help of your associates and your son-in-law in the Vatican.

Your hatred and contempt for Moscow became the mainstream of Armenian nationalism back in the 1970s, after the explosion in the Moscow metro, you nurtured and cherished it. Pashinyan just came when there were no other trends in the Armenian establishment regarding Russia. The clans of Sargsyan, Kocharyan and others burned them out no worse than a flamethrower: only hypocrisy, only contempt, only the perception of Moscow as a weight on one's feet: 'If it weren't for it, we would have taken off.' We are now watching your flight, there is nothing to say, impressive...

Just a foolish and bad habit remains of Sargsyan's love for Russia and Soviet ideology. Our attention was drawn by Sargsyan's special love for Soviet place names. Although this early first love of the Stepanakert plumber does not exempt him from moral responsibility. As if the ex-president of Armenia does not know that since 1988 Kirovabad has been given back its historical name - Ganja. He knows, of course, knows the millennial name of the city. But frivolously repeats at every opportunity - Kirovobad. And then he tries to justify a missile strike on the residential population of the second Azerbaijani city. Moreover, Sargsyan reproaches his successor for his humanity. Condemns Pashinyan for his humanity - why didn't they shoot at Kirovobad with Iskander? - asks a follower of Nazi Nzhdeh. Just read the lines of the villain's confession: 'Of course, it was necessary to use it, what else did we acquire it (Iskander - ed.) for? And in general, these assurances of the international community... Who needed them? I am not saying that the first target should have been gas pipelines, oil pipelines, etc. But why did we get this Iskander? Why did we bring it if didn't use it at the necessary moment?'

Behind Sargsyan's back is his son-in-law - Minasyan. In the autumn of 2017, Sargsyan began separate negotiations with the West behind Moscow's back

But why are we surprised? After all, Sargsyan himself is one of the founders of Armenian fascism. In an interview with British journalist Thomas de Waal, he took responsibility for the massacre of the Azerbaijani population in Khojaly: 'Before Khojaly, Azerbaijanis thought that the Armenians would not be able to raise their hand against civilians. However, we were able to break this stereotype.' A quarter of a century later, Sargsyan reproaches the Pashinyan government for its weakness and refusal to use weapons of mass destruction against peaceful Azerbaijanis.

He condemns Pashinyan not only for a passive-defensive position, that is, unpreparedness to destroy the peaceful Azerbaijani population, citing as an example punitive actions during the first Karabakh war. Sargsyan condemns the Pashinyan government for striving to develop relations with the West. Although the current Armenian government followed the policy of Sargsyan himself, who advocates an alliance with the European Union.

Sargsyan recalls Russia, accusing the 'capitulator' of cowardice in using Iskander and carrying out punitive actions. Breaking the bones of the first defence minister Pavel Grachev, an honorary citizen of Yerevan, hinting at the Yeltsin government, which provided support to the separatists during the first war.

'When you, violating the laws of your country, do not meet at the airport the head of state - a permanent member of the UN Security Council, who is also your ally, and then give instructions to fakes, sites of unknown origin, to write, they say, look what kind of guy he is that raised our sovereignty - you must understand that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will be punished for this,' Sargsyan mourns with crocodile tears the emigration of the state mind from Yerevan.

And when he himself encouraged Russophobia and laid the foundations for an anti-Russian course, when he was separatist and double-dealing, did he think about the inevitability of punishment that would befall the whole country, which he now say to love so dearly? Sarsgyan, who, together with Kocharyan, shot Ter-Petrosyan's anti-government demonstration in Yerevan in 2008 -- bad year for the Karabakh clan -- as a result of which 12 people were killed, did not notice the anti-Russian and anti-Putin protests at the Russian embassy exactly after the end of the April war. How much did they insult Russia and Putin! And the Armenian government itself inspired the haters!

The first anti-Russian protest actions began in Yerevan during the rule and with the permission of Sargsyan

One immutable thought cuts through the sincere conversations of Sargsyan, who, in his own words, no longer claims to be the supreme power in Yerevan: Pashinyan is not his project, but just an absurd Armenian invention. But after all, Sargsyan himself brought the situation to Pashinyan and anti-Russian hysteria in Yerevan, with the hands of his fierce oligarchic bandit power, which turned Armenia into one of the most disadvantaged 'African' countries.

And this is how they, the 'state sargsyans,' are in everything: they think one thing, convince the world of the other, and then they themselves admit the third. And they manage to do it in the same text.

Outwardly, Sargsyan looks quite decent. But the problem is that mental degeneration is not always reflected in appearance. And before us is an obvious degenerate who does not understand that the same Iskanders are primarily a deterrent weapon. A kind of 'the last argument of the Armenian kings,' the use of which means that midnight has struck, tomorrow will not come and there is no need to take care of it.

He himself would use missiles against the Azerbaijani population without hesitation. They are not people for this heir to the Nazi henchman Garegin Nzhdeh - Untermenschen, subhumans, not even worthy of attention. Here is how he answers one of the questions: 'Through the lips of Armen Ashotyan, Sharmazanov, various politicians, we warned that this would be followed by a tough attitude, followed by the process of restoring the so-called Azerbaijani community.'

That is, think about it, according to the plans of these modern himmleryans, even the revival of the Azerbaijani community on the lands where they have lived from time immemorial is already a threat. And can someone believe that the rights of the Azerbaijani population in Nagorno-Karabakh would somehow be respected during the Armenian occupation? Or that if the 'Kazan agreement' was signed, Sargsyan would allow the Azerbaijanis to return to their native city - Shusha? Or that they would be allowed to participate in a referendum on the status of Karabakh? Sargsyan openly declares that he would have never returned occupied Lachin with Kalbajar to Azerbaijan.

Enslavement or exile - this is what the Sargsyans and Kocharyans had in store for the Azerbaijanis. Their ideological ancestors were tried in Nuremberg, but they forgot about it, presumptuously deciding to replay history by military means.

After the fascist shelling of Ganja, Sargsyan accuses Pashinyan: 'Why didn't you use Iskander too?'

By the way, a lot of space is allotted to the military component in Sargsyan's interview. According to the seemingly standard scheme: he is in white and the only worthy commander-in-chief, but Pashinyan, whose name he categorically avoids voicing, limiting himself to the term 'capitulator,' is a complete insignificance, who in two years destroyed the brilliant victorious army of Armenia. Sargsyan spoke about the shameful surrender of the once elite Meghri regiment. The ex-president of Armenia continues to talk about the shameful pages of the history of the Sargsyan army, hitherto unknown in Azerbaijan.

And finally, the moment of truth. Sargsyan openly admitted that it was Armenia that provoked hostilities on the border with Azerbaijan in July 2020. Here is what Sargsyan says: 'First of all, I will say again why one should not deceive an ally (he means Russia - Ed). When you undertake a positional improvement, then this conflict increases a little and then you start shouting to the whole world that the Azerbaijanis attacked, and we began to defend ourselves, you should be aware of one simple thing, that while you are declaring this, countries such as Russia, USA, France, already know who provoked it.' From the first day of the July escalation, Azerbaijan accused the Armenian government of provocation and instigation of the conflict. Pashinyan shifted the responsibility to Azerbaijan. Here you are, the truth speaks through the mouth of the ex-president of Armenia. Sargsyan talks at length about the far-reaching provocation of the Pashinyan government, with the goal of unleashing a new war with Azerbaijan.

Sargsyan also talks a lot about the state mind, but the further you listen to him, the stronger the impression that he doesn’t know it personally, that he’s heard something, read something in the book 'State Administration for Dummies,' and nothing more.

In military construction, he is a complete zero, but with the stubbornness of an old honoured Komsomol official from the provincial Brezhnev Stepanakert he insists that everything was done absolutely right under him - they bought what was needed for a modern war and in absolutely necessary quantities, a lot of canned stew and other things in warehouses, the soldiers even refused it, such mischievous people, preferring food parcels from home. Yes, that canned stew, they even refused to receive footwear after the conscription - what they wore when called to military service, that was what they wore.

And the Armenian Air Force made such a frightening impression that Su-30s flew on combat missions even without combat weapons. And why does it need bombs and missiles, the enemy will be scared anyway. This is the kind of army that Sargsyan created with the pig-like Khachaturov, such a military miracle Pashinyan destroyed. The politician who ruled Armenia for 10 years is sure that in a year and a half, Pashinyan was obliged to build an efficient army with drones on the ruins of Manvelyan thieves. He even allocated funds right up to 2023. Was it really stolen before 2017? According to Sargsyan, the traitor Pashinyan signed a secret surrender. As if there was no 44-day war, shameful for the Sargsyan army. He, a former commander, nevertheless took out the armour of the 1990s from the attic of his Yerevan villa and returned to Karabakh. But nobody accepted him there. On the fifth day of the war Sargsyan realised that Armenia had lost and returned home.

July 2020, military escalation on the border with Azerbaijan. Sargsyan's sensational confession: 'The fighting was provoked by Armenia!'

And to be more convincing this storyteller begins to say outright nonsence, selflessly and on a large scale. There are 'strawberries' and 'weapons of the 1980s,' and so on. For example, he says that Armenia almost won in the April 2016 war. Pure laughter. Azerbaijani Army then broke the mythical line of defence of the one-legged Seyran like a cardboard box. And the Armenian emissaries, knee-deep in tears, begged Moscow and Washington to save the situation. Lavrov implored Mammadyarov, Nulland tried with arguments to convince her Baku counterpart. By the way, drones were first brought to the battlefield by Baku precisely then. The world capitals saved Armenia from defeat, but Yerevan did not draw any conclusions at all. Moreover, in his zeal to justify himself, Sargsyan blurts out what the Armenian authorities categorically denied: they were the ones who provoked the hostilities in July 2020. Blurs out the 'secret' that Yerevan was hiding from everyone, from the allies and the co-chairs of the Minsk Group: although this was an open secret - the true essence of Armenian politicians by that time had been seen through in all OSCE capitals.

And what about the argument about a vain attempt to involve the separatists of Nagorno-Karabakh in the negotiation process? Sargsyan assures that it was the initiative of the capitulator Pashinyan. Although the alpha and omega of Edik Nalbandyan's failed foreign policy concept, whom Sargsyan cites as an example of current Armenian diplomacy, was precisely the involvement of the puppet Stepanakert separatist riffraff in the negotiation process. Not Pashinyan, but Kocharyan and Sargsyan tried in vain to get Baku to sit at the same negotiating table with the toy regime. But Baku's arguments turned out to be stronger than those of Yerevan. After all, both Kocharyan and Sargsyan broke into the Yerevan establishment on the steam of Karabakh separatism. The international community has put the representative function of the Armenian community of Karabakh on their fragile shoulders. This was the cost of the coup in Yerevan, which excommunicated the legitimate and compromise-ready Ter-Petrosyan from power.

Sargsyan, by and large, is a complete layman both in politics and in military affairs. Here he is clumsily trying to justify his defence minister: 'I was surprised, but not even two or three days have passed since they began to accuse Seyran Ohanyan of not being able to keep Shusha. Forgive me for the expression, they wanted to throw the fall of Shusha into Seyran's pocket. But he was just there as a consultant.'

There is no need for an artistic whistle. Ohanyan in Shusha was not a consultant, but a commandant. For the genius statesman and commander Sargsyan, there is no difference between these concepts. And any military man knows that it is the commandant who bears full responsibility for the defence of the object entrusted to him. Sargsyan, like Ohanyan, finds it difficult to share the responsibility for the fall of the Karabakh capital, the city of Shusha. How to justify another failure of his homegrown general, who missed Azerbaijan's strike back in 2016?

By the way, Sargsyan in his interview mentions the Russian electronic warfare systems 'Repelent' and 'Avtobaza' as weapons that were bought, but did not work. Yes, it did not work, they could not put it into service. Because in all the armed forces of Armenia (!) there was not a single crew (5 people) who could operate such a complex. And there was no money to train such specialists in Russia. And it was not under Pashinyan, but when Sargsyan was dressed in all white and white political slippers. They could not allocate 120 thousand dollars - apparently, they bought the canned stew with this money for the soldiers...

Sargsyan forgot about the main thing: 'Ohanyan was the commandant of Shusha'

So we have come to the end of this enchanting interview, full of lies based on the ancient Armenian myths about Tigranes. And as the curtain draws, Sargsyan gives out: 'If every day after all that we have experienced, we must still give in something, we must humiliate ourselves every time, who needs such a life, who needs such a people.'

Note that the question of who brought the ancient people, brought up on the myths of the historical Tigranes, was not even raised. Not Tigranes, not even Sargsyan, but Pashinyan alone is to blame for everything, and the rest of the inhabitants of the Armenian political freak show are all pink benefactors. And most importantly, absolutely, absolutely not guilty of anything. Giants of spirit and titans of the Armenian state thought, who brought their country to a complete zugunder.

But Sargsyan cannot stop and continues: 'We must clearly remember one thing - they help those who want to lead their lives or the state for the better. Paupers are pitied. We have never been paupers and should not be. We need to be able to ensure our safety and improve our social position.'

Here are the golden words! You have never been paupers. You have always been beggars, begging for help from more successful countries, to which you then, as gratitude, spit in their pockets.

And you were also the rear rats, because you stole everything that could be stolen from your people and your army, and they sold it your ideological opium about the greatness of the Armenian nation in the spirit of the Nazi collaborationist Nzhdeh, the ideologeme 'Karabakh is ours' and similar nonsense.

And now you all have become vile chameleons, changing colour, and for your own lawlessness, which lasted three decades, you try to present as a scapegoat only one man. After the Munich shame, this capitulator stopped speaking English. After a discussion with Ilham Aliyev, the capitulator developed a complex, which he is still unable to cope with. The capitulator stopped speaking in broken English about the Caucasian Bureau of the Bolshevik Party. And even on the air of Soros TV channels. Although what difference does it make in what language to carry nonsense about the prehistoric times of Tigranes? After all, the Armenian political instinct suggests one happiness - to have many masks, but the vile Dashnak insides will still be given out by the smell, as it happened in Sargsyan's interview.

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