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Armenians' last hope in Jabrayil: Troops of Archangel Gabriel (Yerevan dreams of crusade)



Armenian propaganda is trying to catch hold of the last straw in the information war lost to Azerbaijan - now the Armenians have seized on Christian solidarity. In recent days, the Armenian media have been trying to stir up hysteria around the demolition of a military temple in Jabrayil.

Armenian 'canards' in the media space went flocking. Either spring is fogging the brains of the local propagandists, or the landing of fake-makers, hastily assembled by Kamshotich Gabrelyanov to participate in the election campaign of the Dashnaks, has already landed in Yerevan and began an informational shooting. In any case, although the 'canards' are flocking thick, their quality is lower than ever.

The diva of the Armenian diplomatic department Anna Naghdalyan called the demolition of the Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin church (Church of the Holy Mother of God) in Jabrayil an unacceptable act of vandalism. 'The next manifestation of vandalism was deliberate and in its organisation resembles the systematic destruction of the historical and cultural heritage,' said the state-lady, hinting that it was about hatred of the Christian people.

With a smart expression on her face, Ms Naghdalyan discusses the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage in Jabrayil district, created in 2017

Everything is fine in this statement. And the incitement of medieval enmity on a confessional basis - they have there, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, the calendar being frozen somewhere in the era of the Crusades. New Armenian falsification: they are trying to pass Jabrayil, named after the Islamic counterpart of the biblical archangel Gabriel, this medieval Turkic province, for a desecrated early Christian Armenian abode, which a new crusade may liberate. They are apparently longing for Armenian king of Jerusalem, Guy de Lusignan, for the arrival of the semi-divine knightly warlord, inspired by the archangel Jabrayil himself, sorry, Gabriel.

And in the statement of the Armenian authorities, the building from 2017 for the administration of the religious needs of the soldiers of the occupation army was declared a 'historical and cultural heritage' of the Armenian people. Since when has the building, built in 2017, acquired such a high status, is a great mystery. And the fact that it was built precisely in 2017 is supported by a lot of evidence.

Diplomatic Madame Naghdalyan may have forgotten, but the Internet remembers what the Armenian media wrote about this in 2017. I quote: 'Great news, confirming that there can be no question of returning the liberated land to the Turks. On 1 October 2017, on a high hill adjacent to the territory of a military unit, the Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin church was consecrated and opened.'

Moreover, the proximity to the territory of the military unit is especially emphasised. True, this raises the question - whether this building was supposed to provide the heavenly patronage for the army of the occupiers, or the Armenian military, not relying particularly on the power of religion, were supposed to guard this building.

By the way, even then, the head of the press-service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, and now the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Administration of the Head of State, Hikmet Hajiyev, spoke about the fact of the construction of this cult object.

Back in 2017, immediately after the start of the construction of a church for the religious needs of the Armenian military, Hikmet Hajiyev made a strong protest, and the government of Azerbaijan appealed to the OSCE Minsk Group

In 2017, as an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he made a statement about the illegal construction of a chapel for military personnel in occupied Jabrayil, where Armenians had never lived. He noted that the construction of a chapel for the military at a time when everything connected with Azerbaijan was being vandalised was contrary to the basic principles of Christianity.

Precisely so, since nowhere in the Bible there are any passages on the godliness of building temples in the occupied territories. Quite the opposite - according to the norms of modern international law, construction in the occupied territories, including the construction of cultural and religious objects, is illegal, contradicts the requirements of the Geneva Conventions and is a gross violation of them.

And even then, in 2017, Azerbaijan turned to the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs with a request to consider and study this issue on the spot. The co-chairs monitored, confirmed the construction of the facility and stated that it was being carried out illegally. At the same time, it was noted that in fact this was not a church, but an object intended for the administration of the religious needs of the military personnel of the occupying state.

That is, according to the norms of international law, this illegal building has nothing to do with the Christian and historical heritage of Karabakh. But the Armenian politicians consider themselves above the law. And most importantly, they urgently and by any means need to divert the attention of the international community from their own crimes: total destruction in the occupied territories of everything that their filthy hands have reached - civil, religious and cultural objects.

The opening of the church in 2017. It can also be seen in the photo, the parishioners are soldiers of the occupation army

They turned the same Jabrayil into ruins, even going so far as to plow the cemeteries there. And now they are shedding crocodile's tears in relation to the new building, erected for momentary reasons, to illustrate that the occupied territories will remain with them forever.

It never happened. And the ruins of the church - and after the hostilities only ruins remained there - built on the blood of the exiled, and on hatred during the occupation, must be demolished. There can be nothing divine in this disgusting new building. Just another example of the fact that God's judgment and supreme justice still exist...

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