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Nazarbayev started, Aliyev developed, Erdogan finished (Turks of the world, unite!)



The summit of the heads of the Turkic states can be considered a new historical milestone. Titans of regional politics - Nursultan Nazarbayev, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ilham Aliyev, Shavkat Mirziyoyev appeared on the political arena, although virtual and informal, but serving as a platform for deepening strategic cooperation...

And it is no coincidence that from the first minutes of close and sincere communication of like-minded people, the honorary chairman of the Turkic Council, the national leader of Kazakhstan, the author of the regional Eurasian model, Nursultan Nazarbayev set an important political tone.

Next time Aliyev offered to meet live

One of the architects of the modern geopolitical regional system, an outstanding strategist Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out two prevailing trends that have had a dominant impact on the transformation of international relations and its regional subsystems. Nazarbayev especially emphasised the historic victory of Azerbaijan in the war with Armenia, pointing out the qualitatively new leading role of Turkey in the formation of the regional security system. After all, the end of the Karabakh conflict in accordance with the principles of a fair settlement and international law in the interests of Azerbaijan opens the way for the practical consolidation of the entire Turkic world. The architect of Eurasian integration proposed to consider and adopt a new concept of regional development and socio-cultural, economic reformation and integration under the exhaustive title 'The future of the Turkic world.' Nazarbayev also named the completion date of the project - 2040!

At the same time, drawing attention to the growing role of Kazakhstan in the integration of the Turkic world. Nazarbayev sings his new dream - the thought of a new centre of Turkic civilisation in the ancient Kazakh city of Turkestan captivated the elder of the Turkic political world. Nazarbayev dreams of the idea of ​​reviving the Great Silk Road from China to Central Asia, which runs through the South Caucasus to Turkey. And without the end of the military-political confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it would have been inconceivable to embody the hard-won idea carried through the centuries.

Starting point of the two national leaders

Nazarbayev seems to anticipate the expressed aspirations of Ilham Aliyev. The Azerbaijani president is drawing the attention of the leaders of the Turkic world to the new achievement of Azerbaijan - the revival of the fateful but problematic segment of the great path for decades, the ancient Azerbaijani land of Zangezur, which will once again unite the Turkic world.

Ilham Aliyev declares overcoming the main obstacle on the way of re-creating a single transport and communication infrastructure and forming a land crossroads of transport arteries destroyed by wars: 'The war is over, the conflict has remained in history. New opportunities have appeared. The most important of these are transport opportunities. Today we are already very actively working on the Zangezur corridor. At the summit held in Nakhchivan, I said that the removal of Zangezur from Azerbaijan and its annexation to Armenia meant the geographical dismemberment of the Turkic world, because if you look at the map, you can see that a dagger was thrust into our body, the Turkic world was divided. Zangezur, which is an ancient Azerbaijani land, will now play the role of connecting the Turkic world, because transport, communication, infrastructure projects passing through Zangezur will connect the entire Turkic world, and will also create additional opportunities for other countries, including Armenia.'

Erdogan knows how to surprise and delight - the Turkish leader said he was going to visit Shusha

Ilham Aliyev is developing the theoretical foundations of Nazarbayev's concept by presenting more ambitious plans for transport integration. Through the territory of Azerbaijan, a railway connection between Armenia and Russia and Iran can be established, which will be provided through the territory of Nakhchivan and further to Turkey, and Central Asia with Europe. Ilham Aliyev announced the creation of a new transport corridor, stating that Azerbaijan has already begun to create new routes of communication along this corridor. Moreover, even in the most difficult conditions of the pandemic and the resulting systemic restrictions, the government of Azerbaijan remained faithful to its obligations - last year, over 2.3 million tonnes of non-oil products were delivered through the territory of Azerbaijan to the countries of Central Asia and back. And this figure exceeded the achievements of 2019 by 52 per cent!

The new ideological and political platform of Nazarbayev, supported by the conceptual structure of Ilham Aliyev, inspired Turkish leader Erdogan, who, using his characteristic emotionally expressive vocabulary, colourfully described the historical and political victory of Azerbaijan in the epoch-making war. Erdogan approached the problem from a historical perspective, delving deeper into the vicissitudes of the history of the ethnic extermination of Azerbaijani Turks in the Caucasus, touching upon the dramatic episodes of both the first and second Karabakh wars.

The common thread in the speech of the Turkish leader was the vital need to consolidate the efforts of the Turkic countries to protect their national and state interests. The apotheosis of the lapidary rhetoric of the prominent politician-tribune was the announcement of his readiness to visit the liberated cultural capital of Azerbaijan, Shusha, immediately after the holiday of Ramadan, sacred for all Turks.

All policies, every speech of the Turkish leader is imbued with deep responsibility for the fate of Azerbaijan, and its integral part - Karabakh.

The leader of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev could not hide his delight either. After all, since the time of the first president of Uzbekistan, the late Islam Karimov, this Turkic country has expressed the most principled position on the Karabakh settlement. Uzbekistan has not recognised Armenia to this day, and is still not ready to establish diplomatic relations with the state, which has chosen terror and aggression as the conductors of its occupation policy...

We will build our own, we will build the Turkic world!

And the heads of state of Turkmenistan, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, who signed the Final Declaration of the summit, expressed their unanimous support for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and proclaimed solidarity with the Azerbaijani people in the urgent revival of cities and districts razed to the ground in Karabakh. Some were more talkative, while others, due to the totality of the costs of open support, expressed their support in the form of a facsimile under the final document.

Yesterday's summit is of great importance for Azerbaijan. And not only because Azerbaijan has adequately fulfilled the duties of the presidency over the past year. But first and foremost, from the point of view of expressing a single unshakable position of all, without exception, the Turkic countries that supported the results of the last war.

Azerbaijan handed over the baton to the presidency of Erdogan's Turkey. And one of the main uncompromising fighters against the pandemic and its consequences, President Ilham Aliyev proposed to get together live next time. The Azerbaijani leader has something to discuss with the heads of state who fully share the Aliyev concept of a just and equal world and region - without troubles, without tears, without suffering of oppressed peoples...

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