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Azerbaijan asks about Iskander missiles, Russia answers about stabilisers (It's not quite correct)



The shelling of Shusha from Iskander-M operational-tactical installations occupies the entire national agenda of Azerbaijan. The heated debates caused by excessive concern after the playful irresponsibility of Armenian generals who fired a ballistic missile at Azerbaijan are multiplied by rumours about the use of strategic weapons in the direction of other Azerbaijani cities.

However, Azerbaijan still cannot get a clear answer in Moscow to the main question - how did the Iskander-M installations end up in Armenia? Indeed, according to official data, Russia did not supply these installations to its ally. Only the Iskander-E complexes. On the other hand, to this day, experts have not established the exact location of the complexes - where was the shelling on Shusha carried out from? If they fired at Shusha from Iskander-M installations, and this has already been proven thanks to irrefutable material evidence, in particular the identification number, then a missile with a range of up to 5 thousand kilometres could have been fired not just from the territory of Armenia.

We're talking about Iskander complexes!

But in Moscow they remain stubbornly silent. There is no reaction to deep concern in a friendly country, in Azerbaijan, with which Russia has a strategic partnership. There is only Peskov speaking. However, statements by the Kremlin spokesman are replete with streamlined language and routine statements. As if Peskov is answering worried statements and questions not of a friendly country, but of some alien overseas state. Severe indifference and frightening composure.

In the last comment to RIA Novosti, the press-secretary of the Russian president said that the journalists had turned to the wrong address. Say, the issue of supplying monstrous weapons that threaten the entire system of stability in the region should be directed to the defence and security forces. But they are also silent. The Russian Defence Ministry, which issued a lightning-fast statement after Pashinyan's accidentally dropped absurdly sincere phrase about the homebrew Iskander missile, which did not work during the war, seems not to notice the screaming debris in the vicinity of Shusha. Not to mention the rumours circulating in Azerbaijan about the firing of missiles on the suburbs of Baku.

Instead of bringing the final clarity and putting an end to all sorts of discussions around the Iskander missiles, a few hours ago the Russian authorities issued a strange message about the suppression of an attempt to send spare parts of a tank stabiliser to Armenia. Sheer absurdity, if not outright mockery!

And you tell us about the stabilisers!

Did the Russian security operatives, who had overlooked the 'stealing' of Iskander-M complexes from warehouses in the southern military federal district — as the authors of insider information for the editorial office of Azeri Daily assure — stumble upon some stabilisers for Armenian tanks? It seems that Russian operatives began to insult the intelligence of their colleagues in Azerbaijan. Otherwise, why did these same Russian operatives missed hundreds of Russian military planes that daily smuggled Igla portable anti-aircraft systems and Kornet anti-tank missile systems to Yerevan... What kind of utter nonsense is it? Stumbled upon stabilisers in the Urals, and missed cargo planes stuffed with strategic weapons at Vnukovo airport in Moscow? Dilettantism, quite unlike the professionalism of the Russian security officials.

Somehow it all turns out undignifiedly, not in a friendly way, not in a partnership spirit... And not according to concepts.

But we here in Baku, like Peskov in Moscow, still have not lost hope. Maybe they are busy with more important things, and they will answer us someday? Maybe they will explain - who, when and why fired from Iskander complexes at Azerbaijan? But they are talking about stabilisers, stabilisers... besides, for old Armenian tanks in use since the middle of the last century.

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