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Kocharyan was sent to Yerevan in a 'sealed train' (How was it at Pozner's?)



The last guest in the studio of Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner in his interview television program 'Pozner' was one of the ordinary Armenian oppositionists Robert Kocharyan. The status of a currently low guest in Posner's studio was raised only by his past, once one of the founders of armed separatism in the USSR, a provincial Komsomol leader, took the helm of the Republic of Armenia. But this is a long forgotten story of an unpopular politician who has lost his political authority in his country. In Posner's studio, Kocharyan appeared as a member of the board of AFK Sistema the well-known investment company in the late 1990s, which received a second wind in the mid-2000s. Let's face it - too ordinary a guest for Vladimir Vladimirovich's airtime. This was felt by Pozner himself, who in an unusual way demonstrated not a biased pro-Armenian, but an emphatically neutral equidistant position. Pozner invited an ordinary board member of an investment company to the most popular and authoritative program on the air of the sovereign television channel. You never know how many ex-presidents visit Moscow and visit the board meetings of some investment companies...

Kocharyan about his last hope, as about the apathy of the Armenian people

But the meaning of the game was revealed literally on the second question: Pozner openly asked Kocharyan - did he meet with another Vladimir Vladimirovich, Russian President Putin? The narcissistic Kocharyan smiled imperiously and maliciously, but did not answer the directly posed question. Although it became clear to all viewers from the reaction of the guest of the studio that he, of course, was an invited guest in the Kremlin.

Then the ex-president openly declared that he wants power in his country. For only he can save his country, humiliated and insulted during the second Karabakh war, which found itself on the brink of disintegration and collapse. But Pozner asked his difficult and unusual counterpart tricky and seditious questions. But how can you fight for power without your own party? And how does the passionate thirst for power of the revanchist Kocharyan compare with his low ratings, revealed in representative opinion polls of the world's leading institutions? And how is a politician going to return to power who suppressed an anti-government popular uprising in blood?

Kocharyan responded unconvincingly, clumsily, arbitrarily, unjustifiably and unreasonably in the populist and amateurish style characteristic of the politicians of the hurricane 1990s, simplifying and distorting the reality of modern Armenia, burdened, paradoxically, by the heavy legacy of the rule of Kocharyan himself and his successor Serzh Sargsyan. According to Kocharyan's perverted model, Armenia suffered a historical collapse due to the coming to power of the chicks of the Freemason Soros, who turned from the path of a military-strategic alliance with Russia, destroyed the victorious army he created and caused the collapse of the Armenian statehood. But at the same time, the spiritual father of Karabakh separatism made a significant reservation - during the centuries-old vassal existence, the Armenian people lost the traditions of statehood. Kocharyan spoke in the dead language of a galaxy of post-Soviet politicians that had sunk into oblivion, without burdening himself with worldview philosophy, ignoring ideological and political values ​​and postulates. The gravedigger of Armenian liberalism of the Ter-Petrosyan era described the primitive scheme of the Armenian renaissance: vassal dependence on Russia, the reincarnation of 'miatsum,' that is, the continuation of the barbaric occupation-expansionist policy, the militarisation of the fragile half-dead economy. Yes, he is against momentary revanchism. But only because Azerbaijan defeated the Armenian army. It takes years... Years of militarisation to take revenge and return what was lost.

In the forefront of the rebels who overthrew the clan of the Karabakh field commanders were soldiers of the unbridled and collapsed army

Kocharyan fully justifies the management methods of the period of his presidency, which are expressed by the bitter Marxist dictum about 'the predatory accumulation of primary capital.' This allowed Kocharyan, a penniless Karabakh scumbag, to seize billions for capital investments through investment companies in elite Moscow real estate and the London Stock Exchange. For a comfortable life at retirement age. However, the revolution and Pashinyan - a new ambiguous Armenian phenomenon, caused by the desperate discontent of society with the Sargsyan clique mired in corruption and bacchanalia - revived in revanchist circles a well-forgotten past called 'Kocharyan.'

Pashinyan is a kind of overture of a revolutionary adventure. And any revolutionary adventure causes a breakdown of state systems. Which paves the way for national defeat. And many nations have gone through this historical cycle. Yesterday it was the turn of the Armenian people. But in a suffocating and degraded Armenian society, there was no better alternative to an adventurous government than a battered Kocharyan. The leader of the Karabakh separatists raves about a messianic destiny and a command from heaven. Who else is there to save Armenia? Is it really the weakling Sargsyan who surrendered the power to the ochlocracy? But Kocharyan himself showed the strength of power by shooting the rebels in 2008. And about this he talked a lot with excessive pride in Pozner's studio.

Of course, before Kocharyan, another trial balloon was launched in the form of Vazgen Manukyan, another forgotten Capuchin from the era of the 1990s, a worked-out activist of the 'Karabakh' KGB committee. But the ball turned out to be low-grade and full of holes.

Amazingly, even the shameful, humiliating defeat of Armenia in the war did not undermine the positions of the current Armenian government. How can you lose a country in two years? The country was lost in the rainy year of 1998, when Kocharyan, with his clique at gunpoint, forced Ter-Petrosyan to leave and sign a letter of resignation. Everything else that has happened in this country for twenty years can be summed up in two words - bandit robbery. That is why the revanchist rallies of Capuchin Manukyan and battered Kocharyan gathered a miserable number of disaffected people in Yerevan. And the notorious protest movement faded away with the onset of spring. The current opposition is yesterday's government overthrown by the people. Why did they overthrow? And who to return? These two questions explain the psychological breakdown of the Armenian society, about which Kocharyan spoke yesterday at Pozner's. Incredibly, public apathy is Kocharyan's last hope. In the struggle for power. Yes, this is also the hope of those who want to send Kocharyan to Yerevan in a 'sealed train.' To cause a new Armenian storm. But is the Armenian society capable, or rather, will it want a new wind of changes? Moreover, that this change some forces want to substitute with a reactionary phenomenon called 'restoration.'

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