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Conspiracy in Yerevan against Russia: What will Putin say? (Leading article)



The long-awaited visit of the President of the European Council Charles Michel to the countries of the South Caucasus began in Yerevan. A notorious liberal, Voltairian to the marrow of his bones, the Walloon Michel did not hide his hostile attitude towards Russia ever since he was in the chair of the head of the Belgian government. Yes, he was a supporter of good neighbourliness, but without 'naivety and pretence.' It was under this auspices that his resonant visit to Russia took place in 2018. Exactly one year before the victorious march to the EU palace.

But Michel arrived in Yerevan, the so-called 'outpost' of Russian interests in the Caucasus, with open arms. And with a stack of documents in a leather case. The documents, which later in Yerevan, at a joint press-conference with his like-minded associate-reformer Pashinyan, were published by the president, imply strategic assistance to Armenia. A kind of a new 'Marshall plan,' let's call it the conditional 'Michel plan' to save the economy of Armenia destroyed during the war. 2.6 billion dollars! Just think, this is incredible aid, almost equal to Armenia's annual budget for 2021.

Charles came to Pashinyan with 'Michel's plan' for Armenia

And this is just an advance, primary aid for the implementation of priority tasks. It turns out that, according to the 'Michel plan,' Armenia will receive billions in the future for the implementation of new projects to restore its economy.

The 'Michel Plan' crosses out all our ideas about the inseparable military-political ties of today's Armenia with the Kremlin. The West openly, without behind-the-scenes deals and separate agreements, bought out the entire block of shares of the 'state of Armenia,' turning this 'liberal island' into a springboard for expanding its insidious plans in the underbelly of Russia.

Thus, Armenia is completely out of the orbit of Russia's geopolitical influence. As we have written many times, Pashinyan turned the military alliance agreements with the Kremlin into a kind of 'decorative still life,' notarised evidence of the presence of the Russian vector in Armenia's foreign policy. As a reference for the Kremlin and the pro-Russian electorate. No more. The 'Michel Plan' finally breaks up the Russian presence and establishes an absolute geopolitical protectorate of the West over Yerevan.

All the attempts of the Kremlin and personally President Vladimir Putin to preserve continuity in the Armenian-Russian relations, in particular, the efforts to localise the February military coup or to prevent the actions of the Kocharyan's front, which threatened Pashinyan with 'forceful methods of influence,' still did not stop the current Armenian government from the selected course towards integration with the West.

Pashinyan, step by step, purposefully and with the support of Washington and Brussels, achieved his desired goal: the Armenian prime minister squeezes Russia out of the political and economic space of the Caucasus. Moreover, at a briefing in Yerevan, the Charles Michel expressed absolute support for Pashinyan, personifying his government with a course of reform and change.

In parallel with this, Pashinyan is actively developing a strategic partnership with all institutions - the foundations of the Euro-Atlantic community: the partnership with NATO is expanding, interaction with the United States is strengthening. Undoubtedly, the multi-billion dollar tranche that finally tore Armenia away from Russia is a multi-move chess combination of the collective West. A grandmaster's move that reveals the intrigue of a new scenario for the development of the situation. We are talking about an undesirable situation for Russia - not lethal, but a checkmate situation.

Russian generals did not trust the 'Soros man.' And Pashinyan put him in the chair of the Armenian foreign minister

In addition, in recent days another significant event has taken place in Yerevan, testifying to the absorption (enslavement) of this broken and impoverished country by the West, especially in the light of the second Karabakh war. The secretary of the Armenian Security Council, one of the ideologues-Westernisers in Pashinyan's team - Armen Grigoryan moved to the chair of the head of the foreign policy department. True, pro-Armenian experts from the Russian aquarium hastened to explain Pashinyan's decision with a curtsey towards Putin, whom Pashinyan had hugged in the Kremlin the other day, especially to the Moscow security officials-whisperers. Allegedly, Grigoryan left because the 'Russian security forces' from the beginning did not trust the 'Soros man' in Yerevan, and therefore, over the past years, they have been conducting secret correspondence without his participation. And the expert community of Armenia is trying to present this appointment as a compromise solution, or rather, a concession to the Kremlin. Although Moscow clearly understands the strategic importance of the post of foreign minister in the Armenian hierarchy, included in the negotiations on the implementation of the 'Michel plan.'

A completely different version is being circulated in the Moscow corridors: Pashinyan appointed Grigoryan on the insistent recommendation of his friends and mentors from Washington... And this is only the first step. All persons who have contaminated themselves with cooperation with the Kremlin will be excluded from the Armenian government.

Meanwhile, another leader of the 'collective West,' one of the main architects of Armenia's European integration, French President Emmanuel Macron, is hurrying to Yerevan. Undoubtedly, this visit pursues a pre-determined goal - to consolidate the 'Michel plan' and further seizure of Armenia. From Yerevan, Macron, next to his vassal, will wave his finger in the direction of Baku and Ankara. Pashinyan came under the umbrella of the West's protection. As if Washington, Brussels and Paris are acting on the situation in the Caucasus in the post-war period with absolutely identical political declarations and ideological theses. As if they had conspired. Although why 'as if'? There is a conspiracy!

It's up to Putin: Is Russia losing the Caucasus?

And in this scenario, surprising in its intensity and unexpectedness, the moment of truth comes for the Kremlin. Finally, Russia must make a final and unequivocal decision. Either the Kremlin, like in Yeltsin's hurricane, will look with indifference from the outside at the velvet political and economic intervention of the advancing West, or it will resist, preserving its priority military-political and geo-economic interests in the region. There is no third option. Russian military bases and the presence of special services in Yerevan will not help. Just as they did not help during Yeltsin's time. History repeats itself twice. This time the farce is being played out in the centre of Yerevan. Once the West, having entered into an alliance with the government of Pashinyan's spiritual mentor, Ter-Petrosyan, expanded its zone of influence throughout the Caucasus. Neither the Russian bases nor the special services stopped the insidious plan of the West, which was destructive to the interests of the Kremlin, and turned its gaze on the southern borders of Russia. Three decades later, Washington, Paris and Brussels, rallying into a single powerful fist, again struck into the underbelly of Russia. And in this they were helped by Pashinyan and Armenia.

Russia must finally make its choice. Or the Kremlin finally loses the region. Or it leaves Armenia alone with its pro-Western choice. As Mikhail Gorbachev often repeated, the process has begun...

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