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European Union's head made bet on Yerevan... and flew to Baku empty-handed (Our details)



Yesterday, there was a tectonic shift in the geopolitics of the South Caucasus in the light of the epochal revival of a new centre of international influence in Armenia. An analogue of Post-Yalta's famous Marshal's Plan - the joint project of Washington, Paris and Brussels, announced in Yerevan - 'Michel's Plan,' which provides for the allocation of a primary tranche in the amount of $2.6 billion to restore the Armenian economy, radically changed the balance of world powers in the region. The strategic plan for the development of Armenia by the West, announced by the President of the European Council Charles Michel, will literally determine the colonisation of the Armenian economy by Western capital. Thus, the notorious 'revolution of glorified love for the West' in Yerevan entered its final stage.

After completing his mission and concluding a political deal with Pashinyan, Charles Michel flew to Baku last night. The president of the European Council empty-handed descended from the plane at the Heydar Aliyev Airport. Apparently, in Baku Michel will focus on the political declarations voiced in Yerevan. The West still cherishes the hope that Azerbaijan will withdraw its troops from the borders of Armenia. After all, Pashinyan still insists on the deployment of a mixed contingent of peacekeeping forces from among the countries friendly to Armenia - the United States and France. And Michel discussed this with Pashinyan in Yerevan. In a word, Michel flew to Baku for the sake of politics.

The deal went through. Armenia went under the West

This largely explains the recent metamorphoses of the policy of Pashinyan, who working up his courage threatened the implementation of the most important points of the Trilateral Moscow Peace Agreement. On the eve of Charles Michel's visit to Yerevan, Pashinyan literally stated that he was refusing to fulfil the clause of the agreement on the construction of the Zangezur transport corridor. From the day the war ended until the end of the parliamentary elections, the Armenian PM, holding his nose to the wind, did not allow himself such a boorish tone regarding the issue of the implementation of the Trilateral Agreement, the guarantor of which is the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. And on the eve of Michel's visit, Pashinyan categorically stated that the Zangezur project, which is of strategic importance for Russia's interests in the region, will never be implemented.

The European emissaries from Brussels also hinted at this, who do not hide their true intentions to open another corridor for the parasite state - with access to the West through Georgia.

On July 2, the European Commission announced that in the next five years it is going to allocate over 1.5 billion euros to Armenia for the implementation of a number of key programs, including the development of Western Zangezur (Syunik region).

The first program provides for the provision of 500 million euro to 30 thousand small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to restore the economy in the post-pandemic period, create new jobs, develop and modernise business, and in the long term - a stable economic revival of the country. The second program is aimed at supporting social development and creating communications, among which the North-South corridor has recently been highlighted. This is a transport corridor between the Baltic states and India via Iran. Pashinyan himself spoke about this during his campaign speeches.

At the first stage, the European Union is improving the transport infrastructure under the pretext of the need to establish closer communication between the regions, and then Armenia's communications with neighbouring countries and the EU. And then it prepares to allocate another 600 million euros for the implementation of this program.

Then the second stage will come, when the EU starts an open game, pointing out the advantage of the above-mentioned cross-border corridor in the light of the priority of its interests.

Moreover, the EU has developed several programs to support the development of entire industries in Armenia: information and innovative technologies, science, green energy. Brussels has also prepared a separate development program for Western Zangezur (Syunik).

The most paradoxical and deserving of interest in the EU report on the post-war situation in the South Caucasus: Brussels declared the development of the Armenian economy a higher priority than the post-war reconstruction of the South Caucasus, the transformation of the conflict, including the demining of Azerbaijani territories affected by the Armenian intervention, the socio-economic development of the entire region, the establishment of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the reconciliation of the peoples of the two countries.

There are only a few weeks left until the upcoming summit of the heads of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries. But the West is in a hurry. Armenia gets everything, Azerbaijan gets nothing

And all financial assistance for the revival of the Armenian economy will be carried out within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program, which, in addition to Armenia, includes the consistent partners of the West - Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova. The distribution of financial assistance to the countries of the EU's Eastern Partnership was on the agenda of the upcoming summit of leaders of EU member states and heads of states of the Eastern Partnership in December 2021. Without waiting for the upcoming decision of the summit, the EU leadership, ignoring not only the needs of the long-term victim of the Armenian aggression - Azerbaijan, which after the end of the war directed all its resources to demining and rebuilding the cities and settlements razed to the ground by the Armenian military, but also the countries interested in the support of the West, namely Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, singled out the notorious 'Armenian question' and made an unprecedented decision on urgent financial assistance to the Pashinyan government!

On July 9, Olivér Várhelyi, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, who visited the region, stated in Yerevan the need to implement the digitalisation program and the transition to a green economy as soon as possible. And finally, Brussels announced another priority for Yerevan, leaving Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova behind the cordon - the earliest possible establishment of trade ties with European markets and the European economy. Under pretext of accelerating the rapprochement of the region with the EU. But the other two countries - Georgia and Azerbaijan, of course, do not need programs of rapprochement with European markets. How else to explain the politically motivated and far-reaching decision to allocate 1.6 billion euros to Armenia within the next four years. While the entire region is allocated only 2.3 billion euros. Thus, 70% of the proposed aid is given by the European Union to Armenia, which has suffered from the military-political adventure of its government and the long-term occupation policy. And only 30% are received by Azerbaijan and Georgia, which have been subjected to military aggression and occupation. The EU plans to release about 150 million euros to Azerbaijan. That is, almost nothing. Some kind of symbolic friendship and partnership.

Michel has nothing to offer Azerbaijan. Walloon flew for political declarations

Charles Michel did not fail to open another promising corridor in Yerevan - representatives of large European business rushed to Armenia. And we are talking about the companies most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It is clear that they were advised to rush to Yerevan.

General Manager Sales at Lufthansa Group (for Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Turkmenistan) Rene Koinzack have already held a meeting with acting Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Avinyan. And the director of the Czech company Balus Tech hurried to a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Armen Simonyan... A long line of European investors lined up at the doors of the offices of the Armenian ministers. And behind the doors of the offices, tightly covered from prying eyes, there are active consultations on attracting investments, increasing the volume of direct traffic, increasing economic activity, tourism, reconstruction of airports with the organisation of the production of small aircraft...

Of course, the impartiality and justice, which the fathers of Western democracy and European commissioners so passionately talk about in the offices of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, demanded the allocation of multibillion-dollar aid to Azerbaijan to restore its territories liberated from years of occupation. But what kind of universal value system can we talk about in the cynical imperialist world of the struggle for hegemony and spheres of influence?

The collective West made its choice by choosing semi-colonial Armenia as its vassal in the region. The Azerbaijani government sees and understands who is opposing Baku in a new round of tension. The West stands where danger threatens us again!

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