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What if French army enters Karabakh? (Armenia appointed Paris's 'favourite wife')



The joint project of Washington, Paris and Brussels, the 'Michel plan,' announced in Yerevan, provides for the allocation of a primary tranche for the restoration of the Armenian economy in the amount of 2.6 billion euros. The second tranche is planned for $3 billion.

The reception rooms of Armenian ministers are crowded with European investors. Each of them has solid case studies of proposals in their hands: on attracting investments, on increasing the volume of direct traffic, on the growth of economic activity, development of tourism - everything is grown-up, money is guaranteed by the European Union.

'Michel plan' provides for the allocation of the primary tranche for the recovery of the Armenian economy in the amount of 2.6 billion euros

And the stronger the smell of money, the more active are the diplomats of France and Armenia, who are holding intensive meetings in Yerevan, Paris and New York in order to try to delegitimise the Trilateral Statement of Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh concluded on November 10, 2020.

Armenia has been appointed the 'favourite wife' of the European Union, and Yerevan is the outpost of Paris in the South Caucasus. Forgetting all obligations to Putin, stimulated by finances no worse than cocaine, Pashinyan is already saying that Russian peacekeepers are not enough. And that they do not meet the interests of Armenia at all.

But a 'peacekeeping contingent' of the French army and servicemen of other EU member states is the very thing, they will certainly ensure the interests of Yerevan in the region. Especially if they do not confine themselves to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, but directly enter Karabakh.

Can French army enter Karabakh?

The Armenian emissaries in Paris are convincing the French intelligence leadership - the National Directorate of Intelligence and Customs Investigations and the Directorate General of External Security - that their activities will be greeted with the most favourable attitude. What secret agreements within the CSTO? Yerevan is ready to hand over everything that is possible to Western benefactors, to turn all safes and secret packages inside out, including ciphers.

Before our eyes, a process of global betrayal is unfolding with the most serious consequences. True, the price for it seems quite decent to Yerevan - two and a half annual budgets of Armenia and the demonstrative recognition of the 'ancients' to be European people. They even promise not to call them a colony, only an 'outpost of Western civilisation,' which, you see, sounds somehow even romantic.

And it opens up broad prospects. In particular, the attempt at revenge will now be called 'a crusade against the wild Turks.' And the cynical betrayal of the Russians who saved them from the final defeat is 'a political practice accepted throughout the civilised world.' Well, after that it will roll from there on. After all, if LGBT principles have long been triumphant in Armenian politics, why not expand this to the whole nation? It's a familiar thing.

Charles Michel, the author of European initiatives for the 'restoration of Armenia,' owes his position in the European Union to Emmanuel Macron, whose Armenophilia is widely known throughout the world. As, however, his Turkophobia. Having suffered a crushing defeat in the confrontation with Ankara and Baku, the French president is now seeking revenge. As usual - not in an honest confrontation, but in dirty tricks from around the corner.

Michel is not Marshall, whose plan became a panacea for post-war Europe

Armenian revenge-seekers are delighted, European capital is applauding - it has a new colony, Russia has received another dagger in the back - its influence in the Caucasus, thanks to its 'ally,' is vanishing.

But in the place of all this gang, I would not rush to rejoice. First, Ankara and Baku, as well as their strategic partners, have not yet said their word, which will be significant.

Second, there is such a pattern: whatever Macron and Yerevan undertake, every time it turns out some kind of ridiculous absurdity. And if another chimera was born in Paris and Yerevan - 'The South Caucasus must become Armenian-French,' then who is the evil doctor to them then? Let them amuse themselves. For now.

Soon we will read the news about how European investors were swindled in Armenia, and Macron is fighting off creditors

In addition, the surge in the activity of investors in Armenia today is of a politically speculative nature. Armenia is unsuitable for investment, even its own diaspora is not investing in it. And Michel is not Marshall, whose plan became a panacea for post-war Europe. The scale of this figure, who, by chance, got out to a respectable position in the European Union, is not the same - he is too shallow, his eyes are running around.

So soon, I suspect, we will read the news about how European investors were swindled in Armenia, and Macron is fighting off creditors. Which, by the way, should not serve as a reason for complacency - they will fail, of course, but before this they will be able to spoil the air considerably with provocations and attacks on Azerbaijan.

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