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Washington is preparing campaign against Russia... Armenia is going with them, but Azerbaijan is not there (Editorial)



Ten years after the collapse of the Arab Spring, Washington came up with a new utopian idea of ​​a 'summit of democracies.' But none of the countries of the victorious democracy of the international East, which has tried on feudal jalabiya, Nasser's tunic, ISIL chain mail and liberal costume in just one century, will be represented at the summit of the elect. The inspirers of the liberation of the peoples of the East -- and this is how the duumvirate of Obama and Biden nurtured the modern struggle for democracy, degraded in the countries of the liberated West to the Roman imperative of legalised same-sex love -- drew a conditional divide between democracy and tyranny. Egypt with its military restoration, Tunisia with its dissolved parliament, dismembered Libya, burnt Syria and many other 'liberated' peoples remained outside the summit of the 'elected democracies.'

Obama and Biden got involved in the liberation of the East

There will be no democratic Turkey there -- Arab Spring's storm petrel. Although Washington will seat a nominal state called Iraq in the row of honour -- the sacrificial lamb of world imperialism, the heiress of Babylon, an oriental pearl drowned in blood in the name of a great march to the East. A country turned into a training ground for military bases and proxy groups, whose government has lost control over the north and south of the state. But Iraq, in the deep conviction of the priests of democracy, is a 'liberal' country. Which ultimately opened the way to parliament for xenophobic and terrorist organisations like 'Hashed al-Shaab.' And even if democracy puts obstacles in the way of conquering parliament and government, the proxies legalised by it pass death sentences on wayward prime ministers. Almost like in a 'failed state' called Lebanon, which, by the way, will also be put at the table of 'democratic countries.' Fate has unexpectedly turned its back on Afghanistan. If Ghani, who fled from Kabul with the treasury of a devastated and humiliated country, had been in power for several more months, Afghanistan would have got a corner on the monitor of a democratic laptop in the Oval Office space.

In an era of growing geopolitical confrontation for a new redivision of the world, Washington theorists, in the name of expanding the new configuration of the collective West and its satellites, began more and more insistently to replace the concept of 'failed state' with 'democratic order.' Ideological dogmatism leaves for modern democracy the right to disintegration and unchanging dynamics of centrifugal forces. Yes, yes, democracy in the minds of Washington theorists is certainly a weak government, loose soil, soft plasticine, from which you can mould anything you want. The mecca of imperialist democracy cultivates the idea of ​​weak power in the periphery with a dependent economy. Weak power is a convenient institution for external manipulations, permanent interventions and indispensable prompts in the form of persistent recommendations. Weak government is an obedient government that follows the trends of the geopolitical environment. Which ultimately allows Washington to proclaim Rodrigo Duterte, this bloodthirsty dictator, a bright democrat and include him in the circle of honourable fighters for democracy at the upcoming summit. Washington has already forgotten about the 'death squads' created by Duterte that killed people on the streets of Davao without trial or investigation. A few years ago, Biden's favourite magazine, a kind of Western democracy manifesto -- Time, on its glossy cover, called Duterte the 'executioner.' But it was just a damn misunderstanding that the collective West hastened to forget about. Moreover, Duterte himself, in the heat of frankness during a sincere conversation with the Maoists, admitted that 'armed struggle as a means of achieving changes in society in the modern world is an outdated method.'

Washington proclaimed 'executioner Duterte' a bright democrat

Another thing is President Erdogan, who calls for the construction of a new, just world order without Western hegemony. Alas, Turkey is ruled by democracy, the opposition wins the elections, and the president himself is criticised on the air of national TV channels and media. However, Erdogan's foreign policy doctrine, designed to strengthen the independent and self-sufficient role of Turkey in the era of new geopolitics, causes vexation in Washington, Paris and Berlin. Turkey violated its assigned mission of the eastern outpost. NATO began not only to move to the East without Ankara, but sometimes to meet with opposition from 'its Ankara.' Turkey has become a rebellious 'sick man in NATO,' which stripped it of its democratic regalia.

On the one hand, Biden calls on the upcoming summit in support of ghostly democracy to stop the erosion of political rights and freedoms, and on the other, with shamelessness worthy of better use, he proclaims the upcoming summit as a Crusade on Russia and China. Under the current total domination and dictatorship of transnational monopolies, this ugly form of imperialism that has developed under the direct leadership of the United States -- a predatory struggle for the colonisation of the third world, sources of raw materials and sales markets -- Washington declares its thirst for new global leadership in spite of Russia and China.

Biden is adopting the well-forgotten political-literary Reagan cliché, declaring Moscow and Beijing as the new Axis of Evil. And he does not hide his intentions -- the new Cold War is designed to strike at two powers that only dared to squeeze somewhat and challenge the global leadership of the overseas empire.

Alliance against Russia and China

At the same time, Biden resorts to the language of blackmail and threats against his satellites, nicknamed 'democracies.' And these countries need to quickly implement their commitments, otherwise there is a great risk of losing the reputation of the satellite on the eve of the second summit next year.

Leading human rights organisations, first of all Freedom House, hastened to ask a fair question -- who began to measure the level of democracy and political freedoms in certain countries? Is it really the American 'polyarchy,' whose political system can arrange a hunt for a freedom-loving president? Just a year ago, in the United States, the president was denied the right to freedom of expression and thought -- Trump was banned from writing and speaking, and his supporters were branded as putschists. The cruel video footage of the shooting of the freedom-loving demonstration in Ferguson is still fresh in our memory. The shooting of a peaceful demonstration, which entailed total repression and the introduction of martial law, stunned the entire old world, brought up on decaying liberal values.

And Assange's civil execution in London? And what about the monstrous crackdown on peaceful protests in Paris and Berlin? Who determines the degree of responsibility and the right to suppress political freedoms? Why in some countries the dispersal of demonstrations is called the maintenance of law and order and the rule of law, while in others it is called tightening the screws and a repressive wave? What is the source of this cognitive dissonance in the reality of de-ideologised political regimes?

The flourishing of democracy on the streets of freedom-loving Paris

And why in one country the victory of the Christian Party or the Orthodox Zionist movement is perceived as an expression of the will of the people, whereas the victory of the Taliban or Hezbollah is interpreted as a violent seizure of power by obscurantists?! It turns out that the West allows only a single definition of democracy, expressed in the cultural and religious understanding of the phenomenon of democracy! Many questions come up against the prerogative of the interests of one power, which usurped the right to arbitration. Moreover, the trial is not taking place in The Hague, where another president, Slobodan Milosevic, was killed, but on the wreckage of the collapsed liberal world order.

Russia is partly right in proclaiming Washington's new initiative a chimera that returns the world to the cruel and immoral canons of the Cold War that has sunk into oblivion. The West did not consider and did not perceive the defeated fighter against the military junta of Pinochet Luis Corvalan as a political prisoner. Because Corvalan selflessly fought against Washington's protégé. And at the same time, the collective West was waging a desperate struggle for the rights of Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, whom it proclaimed a hero only because this publicist and human rights activist fought against the communist evil hated by Washington. Mirror parallel to our time. Forgotten by all, Assange languishes in a western prison and fights for life, while political prisoner number one Alexei Navalny is proclaimed in the West a hero of our time.

Absolute and undisguised cynicism, immoral play with the value system, arrogant and unceremonious parasitism on popular ideas... At the same time, the arguments of Western politicians defy reasonable argumentation!

Two victims of new democracies: Kocharyan and Saakashvili

In Armenia, judicial performances are being staged with the participation of the main contender for power, ex-President Robert Kocharyan. And the authorities, contrary to logic and legality, forbid Kocharyan to leave the country. The West is silent. Because Kocharyan is forbidden to travel to hated Russia. But the prime minister of Armenia invades the parliamentary hall with a whole military contingent, which turns the country's National Assembly into a spit and dirty barracks. The soldiers grab a woman deputy by the hair and drag her out of the conference room. The West is silent. Because evil is done by the henchman of the West itself. And Biden proclaims this country, which has slipped into the chaos of civil confrontation and lawlessness, left at the mercy of polar warring forces, a state with a flourishing democracy.

Yes, this is happening at the very time when the whole world is holding its breath with pain in its soul, but indifferently watching the dramatic events around the locomotive of the geopolitical revolution in the post-Soviet space, political prisoner number one Mikhail Saakashvili. They humiliate, beat, mock the ex-president, and do everything to put an end to the phenomenal politician who personifies democracy throughout the post-Soviet space. But at the same time, Georgia received an honourable place among the world's selected democracies at the Biden summit... Animal Machiavellianism is higher than ephemeral values, right?

And at the same time, Azerbaijan, which has set a vivid example of the consolidation of antagonistic political forces, pro-government and opposition movements united around a national leader -- a liberator president and a national idea, endured in a permanent centuries-old struggle against expansionism, is rejected by Washington and does not receive an invitation to the summit. Although the veil has not yet been torn, it has been lifted a little, and the summit, called in support of democracy, is more intended to form a new platform for containing Russia's growing geopolitical influence.

Pashinyan occupies the first ranks of the fight against Putin

And in this coalition there is no place for sovereign and self-sufficient countries like Azerbaijan, which forms its foreign policy guidelines and builds relations with the powers based on purely national and state interests. Without dictation and prompts. Of course, today's Armenia, captured by the tyranny of the protégé of Western circles, Nikol Pashinyan, has found a place in the front ranks of the new anti-Russian coalition.

Without a doubt, Pashinyan and his Soros clique will occupy a central place in the vanguard of the new anti-Russian movement and the treacherous crusade against Moscow. As in the late 1980s, when, with the help of the first wave of Armenian 'liberals,' but at the instigation of the collective West, the main separatist hotbed was heated up, causing the greatest geopolitical catastrophe -- the collapse of the Soviet state. What kind of democracy? This is a crusade against Russia! Armenia goes with them. But Azerbaijan is not there...

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