Azerbaijani Economy 14 march — 18:25

Over 75 percent of “TANAP” project for delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Turkey completed


Over 75 percent of the work on the “TANAP” project for the delivery of Azerbaijani natural gas to Turkey has been completed, TANAP Director General Saltuk Düzyol said. At his words, TANAP pipeline is being constructed in two phases. Phase-0 is of 56 inches diameter and 1 334 km long. Construction works in this phase are being carried out on the route starting from Turkish-Georgian border stretching to Eskişehir. “We plan to complete works on this phase till late June 2018 and deliver gas to "BOTAŞ" and Turkey. 2 bln cubic meters of gas will be transported to Turkey during the first year. Gas transport will rise to annual 6 bln cubic meters in 3 years. "Phase-1" consists of the pipeline with a diameter of 48 inches, two metering stations and two pipelines of 36 inches passing through Dardanelles Strait”, Saltuk Düzyol added, AzerTAC reports.

TANAP Director General stated that a special vessel will be brought to the area in summer 2017 for the submerged part. According to him, Dardanelles Strait part is planned to be completed by the end of summer this year through this vessel: “According to our estimates, gas transport to Europe will launch in 2020 in accordance with implementation of TAP project. We plan to end the works in our side earlier and make ready for delivery of gas to Europe in mid-2019. However, we think that construction of TAP, which is the European part of the Southern Gas Corridor, will not be completed to this date".

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