Azerbaijani Economy 12 july — 23:25

Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover increased about 3 times


The total amount of deals on all financial instruments amounted to 11.728 billion AZN at the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) in January-June this year.

Report informs citing the BSE, it is 2.7 times more than in the same period last year.

The number of deals in the last year increased by 58.6% and reached 60,264.

41.35% or $ 4.85 billion AZN of BSE turnover falls to the share of financial instruments. The share of derivative financial instruments fell to share of financial instruments. Annual 2.2 increase was observed in the volume of derivative financial instruments market.

During the reporting period, the value of deals in the government securities market increased by 5.4 times and made 6.007 billion AZN, the value of deals on stock market decreased by 9.5 times was 69 million AZN, the value of deals on the bonds market decreased by 8.9% was 337 million AZN, while  the value of deals on repo operations increased by 40.3 times and was 466 million AZN. 

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