Azerbaijani Economy 4 june — 11:12

Large-scale works of Azerenergy to improve Baku's energy supply (Video, Photo)



Azerenergy OJSC conducts comprehensive construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation work both at power plants and at 220 and 110 kV substations of system designation, in order to improve the power supply of Baku city, nearby villages and regions, head of the media centre and public relations department of Azenergy Teymur Abdullayev said.

According to him, the backbone 220th Khirdalan and Mushfig substations are completely reconstructed, including 17 units of 110-kilovolt substations in the city of Baku, nearby villages and districts.

Work has been completed at the substations Zabrat and Sulfanol, which is located in Sumgayit. Activities implemented in the remaining substations will be completed in the coming months.

Teymur Abdullayev noted that the reconstruction of substations, as well as the increase in power by replacing overloaded transformers, is very important from the point of view of preventing accidents and for transferring loads from one substation to another in the event of an emergency mode, in order to reduce losses and, most importantly, to provide consumers more high-quality power supply.

He also noted that within the 'Rehabilitation Program' over the past six months, repair and restoration work was simultaneously carried out at other substations, and their capacity increased by more than 250 megawatts.

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