Azerbaijani Economy 13 june — 12:46

Mikayil Jabbarov promises to toughen approach to unconscientious taxpayers


The Ministry of Taxes in 2019 plans to toughen the approach to unconscientious taxpayers, said the head of the department, Mikayil Jabbarov.

'It is gratifying that 92% of tax revenues to the state budget of Azerbaijan fell on voluntary payments, and not on fines, sanctions and penalties,' Jabbarov said at the Azerbaijan-EU business forum on Thursday in Baku.

At the same time, he noted that the Ministry of Taxes plans to somewhat toughen the approach to unconscientious taxpayers this year.

'We do not welcome those taxpayers who want to increase their incomes by evading taxes and intend to fight them hard. We have already reduced the tax burden and carried out reforms. One of the results of tax reform is the fact that we have significantly increased the number of labour contracts, especially in the non-oil sector. Of the 96 thousand labour contracts concluded since the beginning of the year, 66 thousand were in the private non-oil sector,' said Jabbarov.

At the same time, the minister did not specify what measures would be taken against unconscientious taxpayers.

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