Azerbaijani Economy 2 october — 12:28

Azerbaijan is in the top ten countries with least external debt


Azerbaijan took 9th place among the countries with the smallest amount of external debt in relation to GDP in the world. According to Report, this information follows from the data of the International Monetary Fund.

According to the data, the ratio of Azerbaijan's external debt to GDP is 17.6 per cent.

Hong Kong topped the list of 10 countries. Brunei is in the second place with 2.6% of debt to GDP, then Afghanistan with 6.9%, Estonia - 7.6% and Botswana in fifth place with an indicator of 12.8%.

Russia took the sixth place among 10 countries of the world with the lowest indicator of the share of external debt to GDP - 13.8%.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo ranked seventh with 14%, Solomon Islands with 14.6% in eighth place, and Kuwait closes the TOP 10 with an indicator of 17.8%.

According to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance, as of July 1, 2019, the country's external debt amounted to $ 8 billion 920 million.

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