Azerbaijani Economy 13 january — 11:36

Azerenergy restored lost power of Shaki Power Station (Video)


Within the framework of the Rehabilitation Program, Azerenergy OJSC carried out repair and restoration work to restore the 'lost' power of several power plants, including the Shaki power station.

Note that before the adoption of this document by the fall of 2018, 2 units out of ten did not function at all due to a breakdown of the case, and the remaining 8 units did not work at full strength. The Shaki power station with an installed capacity of 87 MW worked with a capacity of 40 MW, intermittently.

After carrying out appropriate work, replacing spare parts of 10 units, the station operates with a capacity of over 80 MW. As a result of the measures taken, it was possible to restore the 'lost' 40 megawatts or 50% of the capacity, and the reliable operation of the station was ensured.

It should be noted that Azerenergy, along with the Shaki power station, also carries out repair and reconstruction work at 12 power plants, including 6 modular power plants. To date, a total of 485 megawatts of 'lost' power have been restored.

As part of the Rehabilitation Program, designed for the period 2018-2021, it is planned to restore about 1000 megawatts of 'lost' power.

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