Azerbaijani Economy 2 december — 14:41

Azerbaijan to build six-lane road to Shusha



The construction of a new road to the city of Shusha is underway, earthworks are being carried out on the territory. Anar Najafli, Spokesman for the State Highways Agency of Azerbaijan, told Azeri Daily.

The section along which the road is being laid is being expanded. The road construction is divided into 5 parts. Two Turkish and one local companies are involved in the process. The State Highways Agency is also involved in the construction of the road, Najafli said.

According to him, the road will be six-lane: 'The main part of the road will be four-lane, two other lanes will be auxiliary, for trucks and special equipment. It is planned to complete the construction of the road in 1.5 years. This does not mean that there will be no traffic on the road for all this time. As the construction of the road sections is completed, they will be put into operation.'

In accordance with the order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, signed on November 17, 2020, initially 50.0 million manatsfrom the Reserve Fund of the President of Azerbaijan were allocated to the State Highways Agency of Azerbaijan for the design and construction of the Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha highway with a total length of 101.5 kilometres.

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