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Ilham Aliyev's initiative: Liberated lands will be restored according to Smart Village concept



Smart Village is not only infrastructure, it is a lifestyle

The first Smart Village project will be implemented in the liberated village of Aghali, Zangilan district. Stating this during his trip to Fuzuli, Zangilan, Lachin and Jabrail, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev put forward the concept of restoring the liberated territories.

The villages destroyed as a result of the Armenian occupation policy will be rebuilt based on the concept of construction using the most modern technologies. The concept itself is called 'Ağıllı kənd' (Smart Village).

What is a Smart Village? All over the world, the main goal of such projects is to prevent the flow of population from villages to cities. That is, in rural areas such conditions must be created that the population can use all the services that are available in cities. This also applies to public services. Along with this, it is necessary to resolve the issue of employment and create an opportunity for rural residents to earn more than in the city. That is, the Smart Village concept has virtually eliminated the difference between a village and a city in matters of service, earnings and public services.

Main components of the Smart Village concept

From the presentation of the Ministry of Agriculture, shown to the head of state in the village of Aghali, Zangilan district, it becomes clear that the main components of the Smart Village project are housing, social services, food chain, innovative smart agriculture and the use of alternative energy.

Smart farming includes a cooperative management system, laid out on the basis of modern technology fields, gardens and farms, control and monitoring by drones. Smart farms provide an opportunity to increase the production of vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products in rural areas, to build the processing process in accordance with modern requirements.

However, Smart Village is associated not only with agriculture. Some of the key components of the Smart Village are such factors as the application of modern urban planning standards, smart street lighting, the construction of heat-resistant and cold-resistant ecological houses, waste disposal, the installation of hydroelectric power plants, stations with solar panels, the use of biogas energy. If we also take into account the construction of modern schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, e-government centres and the formation of tourism infrastructure in these villages, the picture becomes absolutely clear. The provision of all residential buildings, social facilities, as well as the process of production and processing of agricultural products with alternative energy sources demonstrates what advantages Smart Village has.

What will Smart Village give to ordinary farmers?

The reader already has an initial idea of ​​the Smart Village, and the president's initiative to build villages in the liberated territories on the basis of this concept is only welcome. The main question that arises in connection with this innovative initiative is: what will the simple farmer get from this project and how can Smart Village positively affect the farmer's income and lifestyle?

The answer is obvious: today, the use of manual labour in agriculture around the world is reduced to a minimum, and more and more new technologies are used in the agricultural sector. The fields are cultivated with the help of drones, the harvesting is done using computerised equipment, and modern irrigation systems are used to save water resources. The most important thing is that all these processes are controlled from a single centre, and the use of technologies allows you to save resources, optimise costs and increase profits. So the Smart Village project will play an important role in improving the living conditions of internally displaced people who will return to the rehabilitated villages and in integrating our farmers into the smart agriculture system.

Smart Village: System based on high technologies

According to the Smart Village concept, the digitalisation of the process increases production capacity. Smart Village is an automated, centralised system that manages the entire platform, from irrigation to tillage and harvesting. Smart Village also provides for the use of the most advanced technologies and technotransfers. Integration of this system into other areas of rural infrastructure -- alternative energy sources and a modern transport system -- will complement the Smart Village concept.

The development of high technologies and the spread of such technologies in the agricultural sector have made the Smart Village project a requirement of the time. The launch of this project in the liberated territories at the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev will lead to sustainable positive results in the implementation of the Great Return plan.

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