News 9 december — 18:05

Eldar Mahmudov's apartment in London - 30 million pounds



In 2012, the former Minister of National Security Eldar Mahmudov, now accused of creating a criminal group within the special services of Azerbaijan, purchased an appartment in the name of his son in the most expensive area of London - St. James. The appartment has 8 rooms and is worth 30 million pounds. This Azeri Daily's European Bureau learned from one of London's real estate companies.

In the district of St. James's there is little residential real estate: there is no new construction. Prices of houses and apartments in St James are among the highest in the UK. Residential development consists of modern apartments in renovated historic buildings, as well as the grand old houses and mansions.

The apartment is registered in the name of Eldar Mahmudov's son - Anar Mahmudov, who currently lives in London. It is through the companies of his son that Eldar Mahmudov legalised in the West most of his criminal and corrupt capital.

Note that law enforcement agencies exposed an organised criminal group within the National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan, which was engaged in unlawful arrests, corruption and persecution of thousands of entrepreneurs. As of today, 20 former senior officials of the ministry are under arrest.

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