News 6 march — 15:09

Russian offensive military equipment off the coast of Azerbaijan



Yesterday, well-known Russian blogger Andrey Shipilov published a sensational fact. As Azeri Daily reports with reference to Shipilov, Russian television stations broadcast a story that somehow went unnoticed. We are talking about the redeployment to the Caspian Sea of amphibious hovercraft of Murena project, which, as mentioned in the story, 'Were very much needed in this region.'

The blogger writes that Murena hovercrafts have interesting characteristics. These ships are intended to capture enemy's coastal areas. They can carry 140 marines, one tank or two armoured personnel carriers. The hovercraft moves to the beach, so soldiers and military vehicles move to the ground right away immediately joining the battle. In addition, ship's air defence system covers the troops from the air and its artillery suppresses the defence points on the shore.

'This technology is purely offensive, the only purpose of which is the seizure of the coastal areas. And if it was mentioned in the story that these ships were now very much needed in the Caspian Sea, the only open issue remains the territory of which country is the aim of this necessity. The Caspian Sea, except for Russia, washes the shores of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan. War with Iran is hardly at the moment part of the Putin's plans, while Azerbaijan, which is up and down tied to Turkey, may well become a target. Especially, if we remember that Russia has begun deliveries of weapons to Armenia for several hundred million dollars,' writes the blogger.

According to Azeri Daily, we are talking about the story of the TV channel Zvezda (Star).

On 1 March, Russia began large-scale exercises in the Caspian Sea, involving 50 warships. In the course of the manoeuvers will be worked out strikes by cruise missiles at air and sea targets. Analysts believe that these exercises are a response to the preparation of Turkey and Saudi Arabia for ground operations in Syria. However, Syria is not on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and therefore testing of landings with Murena ships raises serious questions.

In the story of the Russian TV channel it was said that next year, the Caspian Flotilla will include amphibious hovercraft of project 12061 Murena.

'According to experts, the region, where operates the Caspian Flotilla, such ships are urgently needed today. Tank landing ships may not only deliver the manpower in the zone of military conflict, but also support it with the fire of its guns,' said the story.

The TV channel Star notes that the military potential of the Caspian Flotilla increases every year. According to the Commander of the Caspian Flotilla, Rear Admiral Igor Osipov, the share of modern warships and boats of newest construction in the Caspian flotilla is now more than 80%. It is planned that by 2020, equipping the flotilla with new weapons and military equipment will reach nearly 90%.

'Caspian Flotilla of all Russian naval associations is most saturated with new modern appliances. It has small Buyan-M missile boats, which attacked ISIL, and amphibious ships, which the Caspian Flotilla received the first. For example, a high-speed landing craft Dugong on air-cavity,' told the website of TV channel Star a military expert of the magazine 'National Defence, 'Alexander Mozgovoy.

According to him, there is a good reason to strengthen the Caspian Flotilla with hovercraft of project Murena.

'The fact is that the region is very turbulent. There are our republics of the North Caucasus, where often there are terrorist groups, and the nearby states,' said Mozgovoy.

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