News 17 february — 10:52

Crimean Journalist's Trial To Start In Simferopol


Ukrainian journalist Mykola Semena, an RFE/RL contributor accused of separatism in the Russian-controlled Ukrainian region of Crimea, is preparing to face trial, RFE/RL reports.

Semena's lawyer, Andrei Sabinin, said on February 14 that preliminary hearings into the case will be held by the Zaliznychnyy district court in Crimea's capital, Simferopol, on February 17.

The journalist's other lawyer, Emil Kurbedinov, told RFE/RL on February 8 that the actual trial for Semena will start on February 28.

Semena was detained in April and then released but ordered not to leave the peninsula. He was charged with separatism and may be sentenced to five years in prison if convicted of separatism based on an article he wrote on his blog that was critical of Moscow's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

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