News 20 march — 16:00

Indian engineer named Saddam Hussain cannot get a job


More than 10 years after being executed, Saddam Hussein remains a huge presence in the life of one man, BBC reports.

The marine engineer in India does not blame his grandfather for giving him the Iraqi dictator's name 25 years ago.

But after being refused a job some 40-odd times, he has concluded employers are loath to hire him - even if his name is marginally different - spelt Hussain, not Hussein.

So he went to court to become Sajid. But the wheels of bureaucracy are turning slowly - and so is his search for a job.

It may never have opened many doors in India - and has raised eyebrows and grins elsewhere - but one thing was guaranteed: a name like Saddam Hussain was not likely to pass unnoticed.

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