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Who stole money of Nargiz Pashaeva's daughter? (Our investigation)



Yesterday, a number of opposition media spread information about a new scandal in the country, in the centee of which again was a corrupt character well-known to our readers, pro-rector of the Baku State University Ibad Ibadov.

A few weeks ago, during our journalistic investigation, a rather curious fact emerged: one of the officials of the era of the hurricane 1990s, Ibad Ibadov somehow found himself in the circle of proxies of the rector of BSU and one of the leading representatives of the ruling elite, scientist Abel Maharramov. Moreover, as it was possible to find out, it was through Ibad Ibadov that Abel Maharramov was sending large sums of money to the opposition. About all this we have told at the beginning of the year.

And now a new scandal. Ibadov's son-in-law was arrested - Agil Aziz oglu Huseynov, a.k.a. Kamran Huseynov. Agil and Kamran is a two-faced Janus-swindler, who is charged with grave crimes, classified according to the badly smelling article 178 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

Ibad Ibadov

Agil Huseynov before his arrest served as executive director of LLC UR Style. The company was engaged in the centralized sale of tickets for concerts and theatrical events. The owner of the company is the youngest daughter of the sister of Azerbaijan's first vice-president Nargiz Pashayeva - Ulviyya Mahmudova. Pashaeva's daughter has a personal business - she owns a printing house, a restaurant, a marketing company, for which she regularly pays taxes to the state treasury, that is, in full compliance with the laws of the country, she is engaged in legal and transparent entrepreneurship. She also does charity that she does not like to advertise. And there is nothing sensational and seditious in this.

The duties of the executive director of the company - Agil, a.k.a. Kamran - consisted of the implementation of appropriate control over the sale of tickets for concerts and performances.

The last fall the financial department of the company felt wrong and decided to recheck the activities of Agil Huseynov. Soon the suspicions were confirmed: Agil absurdly and impudently appropriated considerable sums from the profits of the company, put his signature in the illegal transactions not provided for in the company's charter. There was a clear case of fraud, quite widespread in recent times - most likely, because of the raging economic crisis and social disasters.

The financial shortage and banal theft have been reported to the owner of the company. What did Ulviya Mahmudova do? At one time, Agil Huseynov was hired by the company at the request of Ibad Ibadov,  head of studies of the Baku State University. Therefore, it was quite logical that the owner of the company found it necessary first of all to inform the rector of the BSU Abel Maharramov of the blatant incident. The rector, in turn, called his deputy - that very same Ibad Ibadov - and told him about his son-in-law's mischief. The cash department had a shortage of 263 940 manats. It was necessary to return the stolen money!

Ibadov throws himself at the feet of his patron, begs for mercy and promises to return everything to a single penny. It seemed that the incident was over. Ibadov with his son-in-law would return the stolen money, and the parties would disperse in complete reconciliation. But it was not to be! On September 19, Ibadov appears in the office of his son-in-law, calls the manager of the company Fuad Rahimov and chief accountant Fuad Khayimov, offering them a vicious deal - falsification of financial documents. Another treacherous blow in the back! But the company's employees immediately report Ibadov's criminal conspiracy with his son-in-law and their wicked offer.

The criminals did not leave the company's owner any other way out, except to contact the law enforcement authorities. Ulviyya Mahmudova applied to the Ministry of Taxes, and the manager with the chief accountant confirmed to the investigation the information about the criminal actions of the son-in-law with the father-in-law.

Ulviyya Mahmudova - daughter of Nargiz Pashayeva

Sensing the blade of the punishing sword of justice on their necks, the scammers became nervous, and on September 21 Ibadov's brother, Jeyhun Ibadov, pays 50 thousand manats to the cashier's office of the company. But after all, the whole amount is not covered - 213 thousand 940 manats are not reimbursed. Later, during interrogation, both Ibadov himself and his brother Jeyhun will deny the fact of transfer of these 50 000 manats, as well as the existence of a debt obligation.

Literally a few days after the start of the proceedings in the Ministry of Taxes, Agil Huseynov goes into hiding. Ibad Ibadov himself, with the help of his son Telman, is hospitalized with a fictitious diagnosis. Every time when employees of the Ministry of Taxes invite Ibadov to be interrogated, the imaginary patient, on the pretext of inpatient treatment, shies away from investigative measures. Well, when it was no longer meaningful to dodge, the pro-rector, naturally, formally, on paper, dissolves the marriage of his daughter with the escaped criminal.

For about three months law enforcement agencies 'were trying' to find the escaped criminal, but in vain. Ibadov's son - Telman Ibadov hides his brother-in-law in the pasture among the herd of sheep in the Ismayilli region. Such an innocent lamb!

Finally, in January, the State Security Service (SSS) takes over the case. And on January 6, early in the morning, the SSS officers find Agil among the lost sheep in Ismayilli. The criminal was arrested! It would seem that retribution will come true and the punishment will overtake the notorious swindler.

However, during the investigation, other crimes of of Agil Huseynov were revealed. It turns out that by using the fact that the company belonged to the daughter of Nargiz Pashayeva, the swindler asked money from entrepreneurs allegedly for the needs of the Baku branch of the Moscow State University. In the summer of 2016, Agil fraudulently lured $ 90 000 from Elkhan Rafailovich Paysakhov. To this day, the swindler has not returned this money. How many more victims fell into the net, placed by this innocent sheep? On this question, of course, will answer the investigation. But in this case, as it turned out, not all the dots have been placed above the 'i's...

Suddenly, the name of another 'political prisoner' pops up in the opposition lists - the opposition is fanning ordinary fraud and theft to the scale of a loud political affair. In social networks there is a video message of Agil's daughter - a 16-year-old schoolgirl, who in tears curses against adult men and women, who allegedly repressed her father - a watchman in the company owned by Nargiz Pashayeva (here you go! The company's director was for some reason introduced as a watchman, to cause pity among the readers, perhaps). The schoolgirl threatens to appeal to the MEPs and even to the Amnesty International. All this farce in YouTube is accompanied by lyrical music, and the maestro-director of this 'performance' takes pictures of a poor kitchen with an ironing board.

The public has witnessed a shameful theatrical performance: it turns out that a schoolgirl-teenager is well informed about the mission of Western human rights activists? She understands the political and legal meaning of the term 'political prisoner'? She knows, but could not well memorize the text and correctly pronounce the names of the institutions of the European Parliament? Undoubtedly, it was a mediocre work of curator-prompters and those, who, apparently, are very much annoyed by the deservedly high public authority and prestige of Nargiz Pashayeva. And this work was immediately picked up by the opposition, which quickly fabricated the case of yet another 'political prisoner.'

But in this case I am interested in answers to some questions that are still not clarified. How did Agil Huseynov manage to hide in sheep's clothing in Ismayilli for three months? Where and how were the law enforcement services looking for him? Is this not a failure of operational-search activity? It is good that in this case we are talking about an ordinary swindler, a petty thief. But if tomorrow you have to look for a more solid criminal, say, a serial killer? Will he also be able to hide in pastures? Why is the accomplice of this crime Ibad Ibadov still not brought to justice? Of course, Abel Maharramov had no choice but to get rid of such a deputy with a bad reputation. He was fired. But after all, he helped the criminal for a long time! What will become of the brother of Ibadov - the false witness Jeyhun?

As for his son - Telman Ibadov, it turns out that he was also wanted, but on another charge - rape. Well, kind of an Adams family, I tell you! And the head of this clan was responsible for educational work in the main university of the country! It is insulting for the state. For the umpteenth time!

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