News 19 april — 10:07

Alina Kabaeva about Mehriban Aliyeva's appointment



Famous Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva has expressed her attitude towards the appointment of Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva as the First Vice-President of the country, and shared her opinion on the development of Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics.

'Perhaps the only quality that men-politicians do not have is women's charm,' said the famous gymnast in an interview to the Moscow-Baku website. 'In all other respects, there are no advantages and no discounts for a woman in politics. Mehriban Aliyeva did a lot for the development of sports in her country. And rhythmic gymnastics in Azerbaijan has reached a very good level thanks to her efforts.

But to get such a result, only will and charm are not enough, even with a good material base. It is necessary to think through and correctly build a lot of different things, constantly keep them in check, make some changes from time to time. That is, serious work is needed for several years. If such work was carried out efficiently and qualitatively, then why not try one's hand at another, more important and responsible direction?

You know, I wholeheartedly wish all women-politicians success! It does not matter, whether they solve large-scale problems or very small ones, the main thing is that they serve people and for the benefit of their countries.'

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