News 21 april — 14:30

Israeli minister: 'We'll seek Lapshin's extradition'



Israel will seek to ensure that blogger Alexander Lapshin, who is under investigation in Azerbaijan, serves his sentence in his homeland, Israeli Justice Minister Ayеlet Shaked told journalists in the course of her visit to Moscow.

'We made efforts and continue to undertake them to help Lapshin, who is a citizen of both Russia and Israel. If he is convicted in Azerbaijan, we will ensure that he serves his punishment in Israel,' Shaked said.

Alexander Lapshin was detained on December 16, 2016 in Minsk at the request of Azerbaijan, as included in the black list for visiting Nagorno-Karabakh without agreement with the Azerbaijani authorities. Such persons are prohibited from entering Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, in June 2015, the blogger deliberately entered Azerbaijan via Georgia with a Ukrainian passport due to the difference in the spelling rules in the documents.

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