News 19 june — 10:29

Macron's En Marche secures parliamentary majority


The party of French president Emmanuel Macron looks set for an overwhelming majority after the second and final round of voting in the country’s parliamentary election, Euronews reports.

Republic on the Move boasts scores of political newcomers – unprecedented in France and central to Macron’s promise to clean up the country’s politics.

The result, based on official figures and pollster projections, redraws France’s political landscape, humiliating the Socialist and conservative parties that alternated in power for decades until Macron’s election in May.

Three pollsters projected that Macron’s Republic on the Move (LREM) and its Modem allies would win 355 to 365 seats in the 577-seat lower house, fewer than previously forecast.

They predicted the conservative Republicans and their allies would form the largest opposition bloc with 125 to 131 seats, while the Socialist Party, in power for the past five years, and its partners would secure 41 to 49 seats, their lowest ever in the postwar Fifth Republic.

Official figures with 90 seats still left to be decided showed LREM had already won its majority.

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