News 20 june — 17:03

White House carefully examines situation in Azerbaijan (Says Jason Smart)



'The United States is aware of a new escalation in Karabakh and is concerned about the events taking place in the region,' American political analyst Jason Smart said in a conversation with Azeri Daily.

The Karabakh problem and the whole region of the South Caucasus are very complex, and it is possible that this will be a kind of a test for the Trump Administration, the analyst believes.

'Trump is unpredictable, and I wouldn't be surprised that at some point he will come out with his proposals for settling this conflict without looking back at Russia. He now needs to show his voters and allies that he is an independent politician who can make independent decisions. So far, as far as I know, the region is carefully studied by his administration.

I can also say that Trump is supportive of Azerbaijan. In contrast to past years in the media even there has been much less critical publications about your country. But this does not mean that in a dialogue with Azerbaijan, Trump will not raise problems with democracy and human rights. As for Armenia, this country does have a solid lobby in the US, but this doesn't mean that the new US president will be guided by it in his policy,' he said.

Touching upon the US-Turkey relations, the political scientist noted that now they are not going through the best period, but is sure that everything will be restored thanks to the allied relations within the NATO framework.

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