News 14 july — 19:12

Academician Anatoliy Peshko: 'World war can start from Karabakh' (Exclusive)



'The outbreak of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh can lead to a global war. After all, the disputes over Nagorno-Karabakh are not accidental. The conflict was inspired by countries that are trying to gain global supremacy.' This was announced by Academician, Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko, commenting on the heated situation in the contact zone of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops.

According to him, in the conflict zones it is necessary to pursue an intricate policy. 'Now there is a serious struggle between Russia and the United States, and in case of serious aggravation in Karabakh, the interested parties will not take into account the interests of the Azerbaijani or Armenian peoples,' the expert believes.

'In general, note that in many countries bordering the Russian Federation, military conflicts have arisen. And this is also not an accident. Like the 'Arab Spring,' which brought much grief to the peoples. The 'Arab Spring' was once spoken about by the now deceased Zbigniew Brzezinski, who called the event 'the most successful operation of the CIA for the entire existence of the organisation.'

That's why Peshko believes that the worst peace is always better than the best war. 'So, if there is at least the slightest opportunity to settle any conflict peacefully, it is important to go to negotiations. The Minsk format is not ideal, but nevertheless I accept any variants of interaction between the countries, if only the people do not suffer. It's better that people talk, not guns. And it is always better to look for any, even the most insignificant points of contact.

As Winston Churchill put it, 'all wars begin at the negotiating table, they end at the negotiating table too.' No matter how long the countries and nations are enemies to each other, eventually peace will come.'

'A lot of weapons have accumulated on the planet, including mass destruction, which threatens humanity with the danger of annihilation.

'Especially considering, to put it mildly, strained relations between global players - the US and Russia. Or take Pakistan and India, India and China and so on. Even a conflict with a small North Korea threatens unpredictable consequences for the world. This applies to Karabakh as well,' the interlocutor stressed again.

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