News 11 august — 20:28

Venezuela’s president confirms intention to restore ties with US


Venezuela is ready to repair relations with the US if they will be based on dialogue and mutual respect, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro said in his speech before the National Constituent Assembly that has been broadcasted by the Venezolana de Television (VTV) TV channel, TASS reports.

I believe in the diplomacy and, from the stand of this great National Constituent Assembly, confirm to President Donald Trump my desire to restore political relations based on dialogue, trust and the principles of equity," he said.

According to Maduro, it is not Trump, but "the mafia lobby headed by [US Senator from Florida] Marco Rubio and [Republican US Representative from Florida] Mario Diaz-Balart" that shape Washington’s current policy towards the region’s countries. "[Trump’s] hands are tied, and Marco Rubio impresses on him all decisions on Latin America, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua," the head of state said.

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