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Provocation against Azerbaijan in Brussels (On October 23)



On October 23, another anti-Azerbaijani political action is expected in Brussels with the participation of European politicians, diplomats, lawyers and human rights activists, Azeri Daily reports citing diplomatic sources.

Open Society European Policy Institute will be the organiser of the discussion on the theme 'Repressions beyond borders: Exiled Azerbaijanis in Georgia.' As the source of Azeri Daily informs, the government of Azerbaijan is going to be accused of 'an unprecedented struggle against dissidents and independent activists.'

Note that the Open Society European Policy Institute is a political unit of the Open Society Foundation. As noted on the official website of this structure, it works to create open societies inside and outside Europe, using politics, legislation, financing and political influence of the European Union.

According to the organisers of the discussion, many leaders of Azerbaijani civil society were allegedly forced to leave the country and move to Georgia. However, 'the abduction of Afghan Mukhtarly and his illegal transfer to Azerbaijan in May this year have become a turning point in the life of Azerbaijani exiles in Georgia.' Meanwhile, as Azeri Daily has repeatedly reported, even in the Georgian expert community they do not believe in the version about the abduction of Afghan Mukhtarly. This fact is also not confirmed by recordings made by dozens of surveillance cameras. Nevertheless, European human rights activists consider alleged 'abduction' an indisputable fact.

In addition, the same discussion touched upon the topic of 'refusal to grant Azerbaijani citizens a residence permit and asylum by the Georgian authorities' -the practice, which allegedly confirms the existence of a so-called 'collusion' between the two countries and the fact of Azerbaijan's influence on the policy of the Georgian authorities.

Note that the event will be public, which, according to the idea of its organisers, precedes the wide coverage of it in the European press.

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