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Russia's largest bank demands money from Mubariz Mansimov (Exclusive)



The largest state bank of Russia has sued Palmali company belonging to billionaire Mubariz Mansimov. As reported by Azeri Daily with reference to the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region, in a lawsuit pending before the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region consisting of Judge V.S.Biriukova, 'Sberbank of Russia' demands to collect from the company 'Palmali' more than 10.3 million dollars.

It should be noted that these are not the first financial claims of the largest bank of Russia to the company of Mubariz Mansimov.

Thus, in 2015 the bank accused Palmali of defaulting its obligations under loan agreements and demanded a recovery of 214 million roubles. This amount was a debt under two loan agreements, concluded in October 2013.

The statement of Sberbank says that under these agreements the bank opened Palmali credit lines with a total volume of more than $3 million with maturity until 2019, but the borrower fulfils its contractual obligations 'improperly.' At the same time, Sberbank demanded the adoption of interim measures in the form of seizure of the debtor's property.

Then, in 2015, as today, Palmali refuses any comments on this issue. At the same time, it is obvious that periodically Palmali has problems with settlements with suppliers and contractors.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Rostov arbitration received about 20 lawsuits with a claim to recover debts from the company. The amount of claims is from one to several million roubles, most of them were satisfied by the court, the rest are pending. In June, a certain Hermes LLC even filed for bankruptcy of Palmali, but then the company refused to apply for debt repayment.

Also worth paying attention to the amount of accounts payable by Palmali LLC. According to SPARK-Interfax, in 2015, the company should pay 3.78 billion roubles for loans and credits; in addition, it has another 9.3 billion roubles. long-term obligations.

Mubariz Mansimov

In addition, Palmali is at the centre of the scandal associated with tax evasion to the Russian budget. Instead of 44.8 million dollars, which the company had to pay in the form of profit tax, it paid to the Russian budget the amount of 1.222 million dollars.

Discrepancies have been revealed as early as 2013, when the Russian tax authorities checked the company. As a result of this audit, the Southern Investigation Department on Transport of the Investigative Committee of Russia in early 2016 instituted a criminal case against the director of this company, Alexei Mikhelev, under clause 'b' of Part 2 of Art. 199 of the Criminal Code ('Evasion from paying taxes from an organisation in a particularly large amount'). It was about an amount exceeding 1 billion 282 million roubles.

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