News 12 january — 14:41

Canada, US to host meeting on North Korea


Canada and its allies will convene next week in Vancouver to discuss ways of bringing North Korea to slow its nuclear program, Canadian media reported Thursday, Anadolu Agency reports.

New measures could include the interception of vessels suspected of carrying goods into the country against United Nations imposed sanctions.

The meeting, co-hosted by the U.S., has an invitation list that does not include Russian and China. It gets underway Jan. 16.

Only the 17 countries that deployed troops under the United Nations (UN) in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953 are eligible to attend. No list of who will attend was forthcoming from officials.

The goal is to find ways to put the brakes on smuggling and money-laundering tactics North Korea employs to avoid UN sanctions and fund its nuclear program, as well as to prevent commodities like oil from being delivered to the country.

The measures could include stopping and inspecting ships bound for North Korea.

“We will be discussing with our partners and allies the kinds of steps that we can take on maritime interdiction and to be disrupting funding and disrupting resources,” Brian Hook, U.S. State Department director of policy planning, told reporters at a briefing Thursday in Washington. “And maritime interdiction helps us to disrupt resources and then the financial side helps us to disrupt the financing of their nuclear and missile program.”

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