News 12 january — 16:42

Czechs head to the polls to elect next president


Three months after the election of the populist Eurosceptic and billionaire Andrej Babis to prime minister, Czechs will once again head to the polls this weekend to elect a new president, AL Cazeera reports.

Voting takes place on Friday and Saturday.

The favourite in the field of nine candidates vying for a spot in the election run-off later this month is the outspoken incumbent, President Milos Zeman, who at 73 has watched his country become more politically divided during his five-year tenure.

As a member of an increasingly right-wing regional alliance of Central European nations named the Visegrad Group that includes Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the Czech Republic stands at an ideological crossroads with the rise of the country's xenophobic far right, which rose to parliament in October’s legislative elections.

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