News 13 january — 10:03

China professor accused in #MeToo campaign is sacked


A Chinese university has fired a professor accused of sexual misconduct, after a former student named him in a #MeToo campaign, BBC reports.

Beihang University in Beijing said an investigation had established that Chen Xiaowu had sexually harassed students.

The former student, Luo Xixi, shared her story on China's version of Twitter, Weibo, earlier this month.

Her account went viral and was seen as China's first widely-shared #MeToo moment.

Ms Luo, who now lives in the US, previously told the BBC that the #MeToo movement in the West had given her "a lot of courage".

In her post, she said that Mr Chen had tried to force himself on her 13 years ago, after luring her to his sister's house. He later relented after she burst into tears, she said.

She had contacted other women who also said they had been harassed by him, and gathered evidence - including audio recordings - before taking the case to the university and sharing the case online.

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