News 13 february — 11:10

For 2nd day, Gaza hospital janitors strike for back pay


Dozens of hospital janitors in Gaza protested Monday -- the second day of an ongoing labor strike -- to demand overdue salaries, Anadolu Agency reports.

Gathered outside Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Medical Complex, protesters waved banners reading: "We demand our wages that we might live in dignity."

Officials at Gaza’s Health Ministry warn that the ongoing strike could threaten the ability of ministry facilities to function properly, including emergency rooms.  

Even before the janitors’ strike, the ministry had been forced to suspend operations at several clinics and hospitals as a result of chronic fuel shortages.

"Peoples’ lives could be put at risk if this situation isn’t resolved," Al-Shifa General Director Medhat Abbas said. 

"Due to the ongoing suspension of cleaning services [at hospitals], operation rooms have stopped functioning completely,” he added.  

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