News 13 february — 16:38

Elkhan Suleymanov defeated black caviar and Council of Europe


In the Milan court, the trial of Italian politician, Luca Volonté, who for more than 2 years had been the victim of a slanderous campaign in Europe, was completed, Elkhan Suleymanov informs in an official letter sent to the editorial office of Azeri Daily.

Elkhan Suleymanov writes that Luca Volonté has been acquitted by the court of all the charges brought against him: 'He has been acquitted of all the insults and moral humiliation against him that have been going on for 2 years.'

'I express my deep condolences to all organisers of the slanderous campaign against me, my country and Luca Volonté, as well as to everyone who supported Armenians and the forces that patronised them,' says Suleymanov.

It should be noted that Luca Volonté was accused of having allegedly received a bribe from some representatives of Azerbaijan in the amount of 2.39 million euros. Italian investigators tried to link this with his activities in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The name of a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Elkhan Suleymanov also featured in this loud scandal, baptised by Western journalists 'caviar diplomacy.'

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