News 13 march — 12:30

Azerbaijan bought from Russia new batch of 'deadly weapons'



Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in Stockholm published a report on global arms exports for 2016-2017. As reported by Azeri Daily, the document also includes the information about weapons received in Azerbaijan and Armenia during the specified period.

According to the report, over the past two years, Armenia imported weapons worth $124 million. This is the 54th place in the world in terms of imports of weapons. During the same period, Azerbaijan acquired weapons almost five times more, worth $551 million. These SIPRI figures are based on information from open sources.

The report confirms that Armenia fully depends on Russia in armament issues. Thus, all weapons imported by Armenia in 2017 came from Russia. It's about a loan of almost $200 million allocated to Armenia by Russia. As part of this agreement, in 2016-2017 Armenia purchased from Russia 6 units of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher system, 200 units of the portable air defence missile system Verba and the anti-tank missile system Kornet 9M133. These well-known facts at various times were widely covered by the media.

SIPRI reports that in 2017 Azerbaijan purchased from Israel four OPV-62 combat ships, 40 Orbiter drones (including jointly produced in Azerbaijan) and 215 anti-tank missiles Spike-NLOS. In addition, Azerbaijan purchased from the Czech Republic 10 units of the 122-mm RM-70 rocket fire system, from Slovakia 18 152-mm self-propelled howitzer Dana. Azerbaijan in large quantities imported weapons also from Russia. Thus, during the reporting period, Russia sold to Azerbaijan 36 units of heavy flamethrowers Solntsepek TOS-1A, 40 units of BTR-82A, 800 units (!) of the anti-tank missile Khrizantema.

It should be noted that last year Russia shipped to Azerbaijan a large batch of missile systems Khrizantema (based on BMP-3), known as the 'tank killer.' This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan. Although the number of complexes was not disclosed, it is known that Azerbaijan received dozens of Khrizantema-S missiles.

And now it becomes clear that the number of missiles purchased for these complexes is 800 pieces. Considering that Azerbaijan continues to receive Spike-NLOS anti-tank missiles from Israel, in case of large-scale military operations not only tanks and armoured personnel carriers, but also other self-propelled military equipment of the Armenian army have no chance.

But the real sensation in the report of SIPRI was the message that Azerbaijan acquired from Russia 36 more units of heavy flame-throwers Solntsepek TOS-1A. In 2013-2014, Azerbaijan imported from Russia, along with other military equipment, also 18 units of Solntsepeks. These flamethrowers, known as 'infernal weapons,' were limitedly used during the April 2016 war. Now Azerbaijan has received 'Solntsepeks' in an amount sufficient to equip two more battalions, which means that over the past two years the country's military potential has been strengthened many times over compared with the enemy.


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