News 13 march — 20:27

Moscow Students Accuse FIFA of Ignoring World Cup Fan Zone Protests


Students at a prestigious Moscow university have accused the world football governing body FIFA of ignoring their appeals against a 2018 World Cup fan zone near their campus that they say will severely disrupt academic life., The Moscow Times reports.

Russia will host this summer’s tournament in 11 cities featuring specially designated “FIFA Fan Fest” venues. Moscow State University students have expressed anger over the organizers’ plans to set up a 40,000-capacity fan zone near their university and criticized the university administration for ignoring their pleas.

An organized group of students and employees from Moscow State University said Monday that FIFA had failed to reply to two appeals against the fan zone filed in the past year. 

Students said their protests were met with “misinformation and intimidation” from the university administration after attempts to reach out to the rector over their concerns.

“Perhaps FIFA is ignoring the problem in the interests of their sponsors, who need good visuals for television coverage,” the action group wrote in an online statement received by The Moscow Times.

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