News 14 march — 20:27

Iran following punishment of attackers of Iran embassy in London


The process of penalizing those who assaulted Iran's Embassy in London is underway, Iranian deputy foreign minister announced here on Wednesday, IRNA reports.

Iran's Foreign Ministry is following up punishment for the attackers, Abbas Araqchi said on the sidelines of a meeting held in Tehran with members of the Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.

Although Britain officially apologized for the incident, Tehran believes that the measure the UK police took towards the March 9 attack on the Iranian Embassy was dereliction of its duty from two points, Araqchi said.

On one hand, the police of London should have taken due action to prevent the attack; on the other hand, the incident lasted for over two hours while it could have finished sooner, he added.

The senior diplomat went on to say that the UK police has become committed to provide further security for the Iranian Embassy in London.

Also about the Sunday (March 11) attempted knife attack on the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Vienna, Austria, Araqchi said Tehran is seriously following up the case.

Iran is in contact with the European countries to provide more security for its diplomats and also diplomatic places there.

Araqchi was in Majlis this morning to present reports on ties with the European Union (EU) and the attack on the Iranian Embassy in London.

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