News 16 may — 17:54

Afghan forces reclaim city of Farah from Taliban


Afghan security forces on Wednesday said they had pushed the Taliban out of the western city of Farah, which borders Iran after a day of the rebels' siege and deadly clashes, Anadolu Agency reports.

On Tuesday, the Taliban had managed to enter the city of Farah, overrunning several security checkpoints.

“In these clashes [Tuesday and Wednesday], 198 terrorists have been killed and hundreds are wounded. Currently clean-up operations are intensely underway," the Defense Ministry said, adding that the rebels had been pushed out of the city.

The Defense Ministry said the Taliban had used civilians as human shields to slow down the pace of Afghan security forces. 

Storming Farah constituted a major achievement for the Taliban, who have carried out over 2,700 attacks in the last 19 days since the start of their annual spring offensive, the local Tolo News reported.

The NATO-led Resolute Support Mission backed the government’s claim saying Farah remained under government control.

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