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To spite Erdogan Israel recognises 'Armenian genocide' (Exclusive)



In response to the harsh political and diplomatic demarche of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called for an international campaign against Israel because of recent events in the Gaza Strip, Knesset members began the procedure for recognising the so-called 'Armenian genocide,' Azeri Daily reports with reference to the Israeli Knesset.

The initiator of the project of recognition is the deputy from the Zionist camp, Itzik Shmuli. More than 50 Israeli deputies have joined the initiative of the deputy. Some influential members of the government, in particular, the Minister of Transport and Intelligence, Israel Katz, also spoke for immediate recognition.

Itzik Shmuli

However, the Israeli political establishment fears that this initiative could affect the strategic partnership with Azerbaijan, which is in a state of undeclared war with Armenia. Responding to these arguments, Shmuli said: 'In Azerbaijan, they must understand that this does not concern them in any way. After all, Baku sees and understands the scale of the political war unleashed by Erdogan against Israel. He did not leave us any other choice,' the Israeli radio Reka quotes the deputy as saying.

The procedure for the recognition of the 'Armenian genocide' was sharply condemned by the former Knesset member, former ambassador, public figure and politician Yosef Shagal.

Yosef Shagal

Yosef Shagal in an interview with the Israeli media openly stated that the recognition of the 'Armenian genocide' will undoubtedly affect bilateral relations with Azerbaijan: 'Shmuli is a political dilettante and he does not understand the subtleties of this extremely sensitive issue for Azerbaijan. Indeed, the recognition of the genocide will play into the hands of Erdogan himself. Read his annual addresses to the Armenian people, and you will realise the fallacy of such judgements. Erdogan took a decisive course toward a 'cold war' with Israel. And the recognition of the genocide will be another good argument for the Turkish president to convince the Turkish and Azerbaijani public in the 'hostile aspirations of the Zionist regime.'

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