News 11 july — 01:34

Official statement: Two police colonels killed in Ganja


On July 10, 2018 at 8 pm, a group of religious radicals, consisting of 150-200 people, gathered in front of the administrative building of the Ganja Executive Authority and tried to violate the public order, informs the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry.

Despite the warnings of the police officers who performed their official duties, participants of the illegal action, using piercing-cutting and blunt objects brought with them, resisted the law enforcement agents.

As a result of drastic measures taken by the police, illegal actions were prevented, and 40 people were detained and taken to the Ganja Police Headquarters. The rest managed to escape from this territory.As a result of the operative measures taken within 30 minutes, the law and order in the centre of Ganja was completely restored.

Unfortunately, during the prevention of illegal actions in the performance of their duties from the hands of radical elements two police officers were killed as a result of stab wounds: Deputy Chief of the Ganja Police Department, Colonel Ilgar Balakishiyev, and Deputy Chief of the Nizami District Police of Ganja, Lieutenant-Colonel Samad Abbasov.

The Prosecutor General's Office instituted criminal proceedings under articles 120.2.3, 120.2.7, 220.1, 221.3 and 228.4 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

The necessary investigative actions and operational-search measures are continuing to identify the personalities of the organisers and participants in the crime in order to hold them accountable.

Information on measures taken will be brought to the attention of the public.

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