News 12 july — 12:01

Kazakhstan squirrel art installation sparks backlash over costs


A 40ft (12m) tall squirrel is causing controversy after popping up in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, BBC reports.

The rodent, which is made from straw and wood attached to a steel frame, is part of an art project for a festival commissioned by city authorities.

It reportedly cost 23 million Kazakh tenge ($67,000; £51,000) to create and was paid for in part with public funds.

As a result the installation sparked a backlash, with some suggesting the funds could have been better spent.

The oversized squirrel, which can be seen in images shared on social media clutching an equally oversized nut, is part of the Art Energy festival held in Almaty that features more than a dozen individual pieces.

The local city hall reportedly contributed 15 million tenge to the installation, which has led some to question the priorities of local government.

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