News 12 july — 14:22

Caucasus Muslims Office issues statement on Ganja events


The Caucasus Muslims Office has issued a statement on Ganja events, informs Azerbaijan State News Agency.

The statement says: 't is with deep regret and serious concern that we followed recent murders and terrorist attacks in Ganja. What makes us furious is that some forces who intend to cast a shadow on the existing stability and peace, progress and construction works carried out in the country, as well as Azerbaijan’s achievements in foreign policy and our victories in struggle for justice, are doing their utmost to realise their treacherous intentions both at home and abroad.'

'Expressing the position of the religious figures and religious people of Azerbaijan, we unequivocally reject the attempts to link the events in Ganja to religion, which we consider as an attempt of some enemies of our country, who serve political interests of certain forces abroad, to sow discord in the society. Terrorists have no religion,' says the Caucasus Muslims Office.

The statement notes that the Azerbaijani believers have always been loyal to the statehood. 'We are confident that such provocative attempts can in no way undermine the solid foundations of our statehood,' the statement adds.

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