News 31 july — 10:56

Maria Zakharova questioned Azerbaijan's territorial integrity (Immediately after Zhara)



Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova in an interview with the Armenian media questioned the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Let's note that only the other day Maria Zakharova was on a visit to Azerbaijan and took part in the music festival Zhara (Heat).

However, right after Zakharova left Baku, the Armenian version of the Russian agency Sputnik asked the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry to comment on the recent loud visit of the delegation of prominent Russian social and political figures to the village of Jojug Marjanli of the Jabrail district, liberated during the April war.

Recall that during their visit to Azerbaijan, well-known representatives of the Russian establishment - Alexander Dugin, deputy V.Savelyev, journalist M.Shevchenko, military expert Korotchenko and many others made an unequivocal position in support of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

However, according to Maria Zakharova, the position of these prominent Russians does not coincide with the point of view of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

'In any country with a democratic society there are many experts and politicians who express their point of view. This is not a state point of view, but they have the right to it,' Zakharova said, commenting on the demand of well-known Russians for the need to restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as soon as possible and de-occupy the lower Karabakh.

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