News 11 september — 11:03

After Tatyana, Farhad Ahmadov attacked by Italians


The well-known Italian company Paghere Green Service Societa Agricola S.R. filed a lawsuit against Azerbaijani billionaire Farhad Ahmadov, Report agency informs.

According to the information, the suit says that Baku Caspian Real Estates Limited, owned by Farhad Ahmadov, did not pay the Italian company 3 million euros.

It is noted that in 2016, the Italian company signed a contract with Farhad Ahmedov's company for the repair and landscaping of the territory of 6 hectares in the village of Bilgah.

According to the contract, for these works the Italian company had to be paid a total of 12 million euros plus additional payments. However, shortly before the completion of the work, the Azerbaijani billionaire's company refused to pay 3 million euros and drove the representatives of the Italian company away.

In this regard, Paghere Green Service Societa Agricola S.R. appealed to the London court with a claim for compensation in the amount of 5 million euros for material and moral damage.

According to lawyer Kamandar Nasibov, representing the company in Azerbaijan, in connection with this case the applicants will apply to law enforcement bodies.

It should be noted that Farhad Ahmadov, Russian billionaire of Azerbaijani origin, lives in Russia. He ranks 67th in the rating of '200 richest people in Russia.'

Recently, the billionaire was involved in litigation with his ex-wife. According to the decision of the London Court, he must pay the ex-wife $584 million (£453 million). This is the largest amount in the history of divorce proceedings in Britain.

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