News 12 september — 11:57

Keira Knightley criticises period drama 'negativity'


Period dramas are not thought "serious" because they tend to focus on women characters, claims Keira Knightley, BBC reports.

"There's a negativity around them because predominantly they're female," she said at the Toronto Film Festival.

The British star of Atonement, Pride and Prejudice and The Imitation Game is back in period garb in Colette, a biopic of the French novelist.

She said she had often considered swearing off the genre, only to be lured back by strong scripts.

"The strongest characters I've found have been in period roles," said the 33-year-old, whose other films include four entries in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

"I also like the idea of breathing life back into what is gone. In a funny way, it's resurrecting the dead."

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