News 12 september — 11:17

Protesters arrive at Bedouin village as Israeli demolition looms


 When the residents of Khan al-Ahmar awoke on Tuesday morning, they were greeted by the sight of five brand new shacks on the outskirts of their village, a cluster of tumbledown huts on a desert hillside in the occupied West Bank, Euronews reports.

The structures are the work of dozens of Palestinian activists who have come to protest against Israel's plan to demolish Khan al-Ahmar and relocate its 180 residents - Bedouins who scrape a living by raising sheep and goats - to a site 12 km (7 miles) away.

Organised by activists from several rights groups and the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, the protest action comes a day before a temporary injunction that had put the demolition on hold is due to expire.

"We are just waiting to see if they are going to come tonight and expel us and demolish the houses," said Feisal Abu Dahok, 45, a resident of the village.

"We will not leave voluntarily. If they throw us out we will return to stay in this place. There is no other place for us to go."

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Britain have followed the European Union and the United Nations in urging Israel not to demolish Khan al-Ahmar, citing the serious impact on the community and prospects for peace.

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