News 11 october — 16:16

Trump trade war delivers farm boom in Brazil, gloom in Iowa


The Bella Vita luxury condominium tower rises 20 stories over the boomtown of Luís Eduardo Magalhães in northeastern Brazil. Its private movie theater and helipad are symbols of how far this dusty farming community has come since it was founded just 18 years ago, Reuters reports.

Local soybean producers shell out upwards of a half-million U.S. dollars to live in the complex. Nearby farm equipment sellers, car dealerships and construction supply stores are bustling too.

Meanwhile, nearly 5,000 miles to the north in Boone, Iowa, farmers are hunkering down. At a recent agriculture trade show here, Iowa corn and soybean grower Steve Sheppard reflected the cautious mood.

“I’m not buying any machinery, I’m not spending any money,” Sheppard said.

Two countries. Same business. Two very different fates. The reason: China.

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