News 12 october — 16:13

Anwar Ibrahim bids to return to heart of Malaysian politics


On a soggy evening in a small town just south of Kuala Lumpur's international airport, Anwar Ibrahim fires up the crowd, AL Jazeera reports.

Bounding up to the stage he talks mostly in Malay, peppering his speech with English and delighting the mainly Chinese crowd with a few words of Mandarin. 

He tells them he will fight for all Malaysians, regardless of where they come from: "We are all family."

The few hundred-strong crowd, seated beneath a giant canopy next to shuttered shops, claps and cheers.

Pardoned of a sodomy conviction that put him behind bars for a third time in 2015, Anwar is taking his first steps back to power, standing in a specially engineered by-election on Saturday that could eventually allow him to take over from Mahathir Mohamad - his ally-turned-nemesis-turned-ally - and become Malaysia's eighth prime minister. 

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