News 18 october — 16:00

Visiting Vatican, South Korean president says confident of peace


South Korea's president said he was certain peace could be achieved on the Korean Peninsula ahead of an audience on Thursday with Pope Francis where he's expected to extend an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit the reclusive country, AL Jazeera reports.

President Moon Jae-in, who is Catholic, spoke at the end of an evening mass at the Vatican, saying the prayers offered at the service would "resound as echoes of hope in the hearts of the people of the two Koreas as well as the people of the whole world who desire peace".

"Our prayers today will turn into reality for sure," he said. "We will achieve peace and overcome division without fail."

The South Korean leader signed a broad agreement with Kim last month designed to reduce military tensions on the Peninsula. Moon's office announced during their summit that Kim said the pope would be "enthusiastically" welcomed in North Korea.

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